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SOUND EXPRESSIONS VOL. 2 Sound & Healing Therapy

Sound Expressions Vol. 2 is my second Sound & Healing Therapy compilation CD. This CD collection includes my very best and favorite Spirit led spontaneously recorded instrumental piano and keyboard sounds from my first seven Sound & Healing Therapy CDs: Alignment, Waves, Into Me See, Behold, Salt & Light, Waterfalls, and Joy Overflowing. For specific details on tunings, frequencies, intention, Scriptures, keys, etc. read the album notes under each CD included on the left sidebar of this website under Latest Products, under the Products Page at, CD Baby, and iTunes. For those having difficulty deciding specifically which of my Sound & Healing Therapy albums to choose, Sound Expressions Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 together provide an excellent option. Sound Expressions Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 combined comprise the full spectrum of 12 tone keys and solfege frequency ranges for the most effective Sound & Healing Therapy benefits.

Copyright Tammy Sorenson/Sound Expressions July 2016
All Rights Reserved.
Mixed by Jaran Sorenson
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Song Titles

Isaiah 43:8
Isaiah 41:10
Arise and Shine
Restored Mind
The Glory
Romans 15:13
Psalm 144:1
1 John 1:4

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New Curriculum: The Children’s Heart Cry

For Parents and Teachers of All Ages

The Children’s Heart Cry contains foundational equipping tools and instructional materials for raising up sons and daughters of the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth. It includes Hands On Activities and over a year’s worth of equipping for a lifetime.

As parents, your ceiling is your children’s floor. As teachers, you establish and nurture the foundations for a lifetime. The author’s passion and calling is to equip a generation in Christ-centered identity and Kingdom purpose, empowering sons and daughters to live out this life through agape love, freedom, and wholeness. This unique Kingdom ministry focuses on releasing and encountering the Presence of our Healer Himself, in conjunction with discipleship for equipping the generations to be secure in our Heavenly Father’s love, carrying a mantle as His ambassadors of that love for such a time as this.

Tammy Sorenson is a wife, mother of six, accompanist, teacher, home educator, song-writer, worshiper, psalmist, author, and speaker. Her years of teaching public school music education, private and group piano instruction, gifted and talented education, home-education, adoption, worship ministry, children’s/family ministry, house of prayer ministry, 37 years of marriage, and living a lifetime purposefully and intentionally for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, contribute the many experiences culminating in The Children’s Heart Cry.

Sorenson holds a PHD in Practical Theology, an M.A. in Music Education, a B.A. in Piano Performance, and a B.S. in Vocal Music Education. She is certified in Sound & Healing Therapy, VoiceBio Sound & Healing Therapy, Essential Oils, Orff Schulwerk, and Suzuki Piano, and is both licensed and ordained in the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies.

The Children’s Heart Cry is available as a pdf download ($50 – please contact us for details), as a thumb drive ($50 plus $3.00 shipping and handling – please contact us for details), as a paperback copy ($55 plus $5.00 shipping and handling – use the shopping cart button below) or as a paperback through Amazon ($64.95 plus tax).

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