The Arts Expressed is looking for businesses, churches, organizations and individuals who would be willing to sponsor music lessons, classes, or seminars for children/youth who’s families are financially unable to afford them. There are many kids who have musical gifts and musical potential who’s families cannot take on the financial burden of providing the musical skills that would open up many avenues of opportunity that would not otherwise be available. We already have a list of kids who are looking for sponsors, and we take recommendations of potential students as well. Beginning in January, we plan to offer monthly arts seminars where sponsorships would also be welcomed.

Children and youth today are growing up in a culture that oftentimes leads those who feel isolated or the need to ‘escape’ the many pressures and negative influences, down a destructive path. Music, art, dance and other creative avenues, such as writing, photography, design, etc. provide avenues with which to challenge, connect with, and nurture kids down a path that bears much good fruit. Yes, our schools provide many of these opportunities, but oftentimes, the school environment is the very peer environment the child or youth need escape from.

The Arts Expressed offers non-traditional music methodology for students who either desire to learn a unique and creative approach, or for those where traditional methodology has been ineffective or uninteresting. Our instructors are both classically trained, as well as college degrees, Suzuki-training, and years of both professional playing and teaching experience to contribute to both a unique small group or individual learning experience. Our Suzuki background is well suited to preschoolers for parents who are considering an early start. Studies have proven music training in the early years enhances intelligence and academic performance.

The Arts Expressed would also like to be a resource for parents with autistic children who exhibit interest and potential in music. One of our instructors has both educational and hands-on experience in both gifted and talented and music therapy environments.

We also offer a variety of classes (Discover the Gifts in You series or Kingdom series) for individuals of all ages who are seeking identity and purpose. Every person needs to discover for themselves who they are and why they are here. The Arts Expressed is an equipping center that empowers this generation to tap into their individual value, as well as the specific gifts hidden within waiting to be identified, nurtured and shared.

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