This beautiful poem was written by Jenna Sorenson during KHOP (Kingdom House of Prayer) on Tuesday, November 22, 2011, at The Arts Expressed. It is a glorious example of creativity being released in an atmosphere of the presence of the Creator, and is a heartfelt expression of how our Heavenly Father feels about each and every one of us! This is also a perfect example of my wall post reference on my Arts Expressed Facebook page 11/28/11.

To Our Tapestry of Miracles

copyright 2011 The Arts Expressed/Jenna Sorenson 

This is the story of you.

The story of what was given to you
Before you were born.

So close your eyes

And picture your life a tapestry.

With brown thread I carefully shaped your frame. Your humanity.

With blue thread I weaved the breath of life. Your freedom.

With an iridescent thread I weaved hope.
To look beyond
 what’s wrong and walk to what’s right when troubles come.
With crystal thread I weave the light in your eyes. So others would be drawn to you.

With a heavy thread of scarlet and pain, my Son rejoiced as He gave his life for You.
That through His pain you would hurt no more and be forever Ours.

At the same time, with thread wet with tears and joy, I weaved into you forgiveness.
This is for you to use when hurt.
Forgive my child, the same way you have been forgiven.
Forgive others and forgive yourself.

With the whitest thread I weaved innocence.
This is for you to know that I do not see what you’ve done or what was done to you.

With purple thread I weaved royalty.
Oh, that crowning moment, when I called you, my daughter, my son!

Our love for you is unending;

How precious were the priceless moments We spent creating you!

Our perfect tapestry.

Still, don’t you know

The time We took in making you?

Oh, that you would know

Your life is unique.
For as We weaved, We created new patterns.

Your royal tapestry hangs in Our court day and night;

Upon a glance We are filled with utmost delight.

Our darling, our child, value your life.


Your Creator and Savior