Are you looking for peace in the midst of the storms of life? In the midst of the busyness and distractions of life? The poem below was released in our KHOP (Kingdom House of Prayer) on 12/16/11 as we pursued the Prince of Peace. Everyone needs of a revelation of practicing His peace – of experiencing His dance of peace which surpasses all understanding, as you will read below.


copyright 2011 The Arts Expressed/Jenna Sorenson

 That I could explain the wholeness I feel.

 The sound of youthfulness
The sound of love
The sound of courage
The sound of peace
That I hear.

 Oh, that I could show you
But, I can’t…it is not something that one beholds with his eyes.
It is a feeling that transcends explanation.

 Oh, that peace, so breathtaking and overwhelming
It is wrapped around me – a veil.
It stirs inside me – calm waters.

 For a second, I fall…my strength has been washed away.
Now, I am lifted by sound.
I am carried by waves…a spin, a step, a spin, a step.

 Seconds turn minutes, and minutes turn hours…a spin, a step, a spin, a step.
Such soulful rhythm overtakes me.
I am undone in this dance of peace.
A spin, a step, a spin, a step…