Released in KHOP at The Arts Expressed 12/20/11
This poem contains the explanation of a beautiful painting it accompanies, both of which were birthed through a dance released in the midst of seeking and soaking.

Copyright 2011 The Arts Expressed/Jenna Sorenson

I’ve seen every tear shed
For the pain you feel is real
But, not meant to be lasting.
Countless nights you’ve cried yourself to bed

So I urge you, forgive and forget.
I’ve said it before, move forward to a life without regrets.
When you do, you’ll be as a prisoner set free;
When you do, you will let Me be Me.
I will heal your heart
My dear, I’m a Master at such art.
For every pain, I give you joy.
I’ll give for every tear
One thousand smiles.
I’ll give for every fear
Laughter for miles.
I’ll make your life flawless as a breathtaking song.
Choose Me and through Me remain strong.

Don’t listen to what some say you should be, a lie.
Look to Me and see the treasure I’ve made you to be.
We’ll dance far, far from every fear.
You’ll ask, “Why ever did I cry?”
But for now, I look to the day when I’ll wipe away your every tear.