It truly is the season of Heaven raining down creativity…just position yourself to receive it. I used to write songs at the keyboard during my worship time. Now He not only gives them to me in that place, but He also downloads them when I’m out walking…when I’m driving…whenever I’m seeking Him. It’s time to seek His face and in that place He’ll make sure you are at the right time and the right place for a download from Heaven to earth. These downloads are filled with purpose for changing the atmosphere…for bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

Copyright 2008 Tammy Sorenson

I’m raining down new melodies
New rhythms and new harmonies
I’m raining down new frequencies
New colors and new sounds
Let the flow of My spirit
Take you where you’ve never been
Moving and creating
Awakening My Bride

Press in, press up
Draw nearer than ever before
Press in, press up
To know Me more
Let My glory shine throughout this land
Let My love extend through every hand
My Kingdom will break through
In all you say and do
Press in

As you release the melodies
New rhythms and new harmonies
As you release the frequencies
New colors and new sounds
My Spirit will flow throughout the nations
Drawing to Me all creation
Move, create, release Me and
My Kingdom will advance

Copyright 2008 Jocilyn Sorenson

Am I a voice or just an echo?
Am I a noise or a soothing melody?
I pray that I will be
A sweet, sweet melody
And that in all I do
I bring glory unto You!

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