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The Universe (see accompanying art below)
copyright 2012 The Arts Expressed/Jenna Sorenson

Hear the colors?
Their songs call and give,
It’s up to you to receive.
See the sounds?
They are bright, hue from hue.
They know no falsehood, only what’s true.

He tells me, “Every star holds a secret.”
Smiles, “If you knew one, could you keep it?”

Hear the colors?
They hold a joy for every sorrow.
See the sounds?
They are many, for here, creativity abounds.

Go on all, dance in the light,
Indulge in the sight.
Let go of your weakness, what you call might.

I feel all around me.
I drink in the peace,
Am mesmerized as by a kiss.

My ears learn to see.
My eyes learn to listen.
‘Tis all in His presence.

A stirring inside me, a yearning
To know all, to keep on learning.
Inside me a longing, a longing to see.
I wrestle with this longing to be.

With one touch, my gaze flees from me,
My mouth fails me.
Who is so mighty, is there such?

The climb away is steep.
So I give, I give, as deep calls to deep,
This beauty and mystery of creation!
I stand in awe of the universe and its Creator.
These secrets I shall keep.
Still, I give, I give, as deep calls to deep.