I am so stirred as I reflect on the recent article in Breaking Christian News, ‘Music as Therapy’ (http://www.breakingchristiannews.com/articles/m_display_art.html?ID=9946). It takes me back to hours & hours of research/writing my thesis on gifted/talented kids & the creative arts with music as an emphasis, as well as hours of working closely with both the gifted & talented & severely disabled. True creativity cannot be contained or conformed, nor can giftedness, uniqueness, or brilliance. There are multitudes of historical individuals who accomplished amazing feats. Unfortunately, by today’s requirements/expectations/agendas & where we have arrived as a nation in our educational system & as families, many would have failed miserably: the list is extensive, Einstein & Mozart for starters…(I may have read something about Steve Jobs recently as well?).

We so very much need to be speaking words of life…words of Kingdom purpose & destiny…words our Creator Himself speaks over each & every precious child! Each one is unique, each one purposed, each one is gifted in some amazing way…that is their Heavenly Father’s perspective & we are privileged & blessed to steward & equip each one for walking out their God-ordained calling…for such a time as this. He has always been their Creator, Healer, Provider, & Champion, & His banner over each one is Love. However, so many find themselves in environments where He is not allowed. I know He has a solution for this significant problem & I’m standing in faith on this up & coming generation’s behalf until it manifests.

I was the pianist (psalmist) at an autism symposium last fall & was asked to record a piano CD for the healing of autism. I now have the titles, the CD cover design, while the songs have been stirring in my spirit along the way . (This is generally the opposite of how the Lord imparts songs for me to record: I usually receive the songs or at least a ‘framework’ in my spirit first, while the titles & design follow. I believe there is specific purpose in how this CD is being birthed, as it’s purpose is for those who ‘do not fit the mold of the systems of the world.’ However, they perfectly fit the design they were created to release in their journey on this Earth, according to the good & perfect plans of their Heavenly Creator.) He is our Healer & our Source. I have been seeking, letting His melodies/frequencies/creativity & directives stir in my spirit. I believe during a season when the entire world takes note of His resurrection, it would be His perfect time for resurrection healing to manifest throughout the nations. I am excited to do my small part, so let the recording begin!