This past weekend I was blessed to attend the Arise! All In Women’s Conference in the Twin Cities, with Graham Cooke as the main speaker. The Lord used this event to again confirm His vision for The Arts Expressed Equipping Center (read more details throughout this site). Graham Cooke: ‘What are you passionate about? What are your kids passionate about? Find out & support your kids in their passions! Everything in the Kingdom revolves around passion. The Lord has a passion for you. He created you to be passionate about something in which He wants to partner through you passionately. In the Kingdom, God trains us in our passions.’ 

For anyone currently frustrated with the education journey their family is experiencing, the following perspective is so liberating (as a Kingdom-minded educator, I have known the following for a long time & it’s why we were led to homeschool. Our kids are passionate about music, being skilled on the specific instruments they were created to play with excellence, voice, dance, audio-production, art, creative writing, song writing, photography, graphic design, & Jesus (and yes, they were trained up to put Him first :).

Graham Cooke: ‘The Kingdom sees us very differently than the world. The world always gives us negative information. We’re born into a negative context. Education in this culture is an entirely negative context. There’s a performance mentality in our schools that places expectations on students to do well in every area. As parents, we should want our kids to be good at something significant, something they are passionate about or gifted at, but they don’t have to be good at everything. Straight A’s might just mean the student has a good memory. What about those students who know the material but don’t have good memories with which to pass the tests? If we’re not careful, we’re going to partner with the world in the conditioning of our children in a way that God has to undo (note: isn’t that what many of us have had to contend with?). Don’t be blind to the insanity that exists in our culture’s education system. We can set our kids free by talking to them about what their passion is.’ 

When we find out what we are passionate about & what our kids are passionate about, we pursue & provide the specific tools & skills needed to develop those very passions. We step into our own true identity in Christ & train up our kids in their true identity in Christ to be passionate expressions of Heaven on Earth in the very giftings He created in us to passionately share with a world who desperately needs to know Him, His love & His good plans & purposes for each & everyone! 

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