Some of my prophetic words throughout the years have included elephants & butterflies. In this season of seeking the Lord & His Kingdom purposes, these prophetic symbols are increasing through dreams, visions, songs, artwork, teaching I am led to prep, & frequently while out running errands. I believe we have entered a season for the manifestation of butterflies & elephants in the Body of Christ. As His Body, every individual from the youngest saint to the eldest is learning to receive & abide in their position in Christ, which is one of extravagant love between the Father & Son.

The monarch butterly specifically represents metamorphosis involving great change or spiritual transformation in many distinct areas of life. It feeds on encouraging words, builds up large reserves of resources, advances past the milk of the word, overcomes the negative, persistence leads to rapid growth. A royal blue butterfly represents the Spirit of Might (detailed in my Hidden Treasure, Kingdom Jewels & Me! book available on this website) Isaiah 11:2, faith, spiritual communion with God, the prophet, Word of God, grace, divine revelation, Heaven, spiritual, visitation, Holy Spirit, blessings, healing, good will, life, peace, unity, harmony, tranquility, calm, & cool. 1

The elephant represents being invincible, thick-skinned, not easily offended, having powerful potential in life, royalty, enormous prosperity, family oriented, & a keen memory. The butterfly represents freedom, happiness, love, grace, the colorful beauty/positive impression we make on others, metamorphosis, change, 2 Cor. 5:17, becoming a new creature in Christ, walking out a new way of thinking, joy, spirituality, renewal, rejuvenation, having the ability to spring back after disappointment, & good reports coming. 1

I will never forget the summer we found out we were adopting a sibling group of three children from Guatemala & were in search of the larger home the Lord had for us. I went to a particular house one day to pray over all of the details. As I drove up to the house, it was as if I had driven into a surreal land of Monarch butterflies. There were literally thousands of butterflies flying everywhere all at once the entire time I sat & prayed. Everything to do with our three children brought home nearly ten years ago from a foreign country, who didn’t speak English & had no knowledge of family life, Kingdom life, or life in this culture, has been about metamorphosis. At this stage of things, I truly believe it’s been leading up to the present season, not only for our  family, but for the entire Body of Christ!

On a recent walk with the Lord, there were three hawks clearly visible in my path, low down, circling my path before rising off in the distance. Looking up the prophetic symbolism, which the Lord knows I will do, as that’s how He’s wired me, hawks represent praying (preying 🙂 for increase & breakthrough, victory, freedom, warrior able to overcome enemies who would like to take advantage of or make us prey, obtaining great rewards through pursuing our goals, acute awareness – times three, which represents the Trinity, perfect witness & testimony, union, approval, completeness, fullness, kindness, entirety, Divine perfection, life, Spirit, Godhead’s mighty acts & a number of awesome things.1

He gave me the direction/word I was believing for as I set out to prayer walked with my King 🙂 I so love this adventure the Lord has us on with Him…I have such excitement in my spirit, & truly believe we have been in the transformation process of learning to abide in Christ for such a time as this! I sense such delight from our Heavenly Father as He sees His Son’s Bride taking hold of walking in His love for Him & for one another, in one accord, on behalf of a world He desires to draw to Himself…

(1 Breath of the Spirit Ministries 2007 – Prophetic meaning of elephant & butterfly.)