Encounter. Communion. Intimacy. Peace. Rest. Revelation. Freedom. Fellowship. Abiding. Release. Creativity. Refreshed. Encouragement. Edification. Comfort. Inspiration. Restoration.

These are only a few of the descriptors of what the Lord has been doing at The Arts Expressed since we opened in November. I pray each day He would send every individual/every family, from the youngest to the eldest that He desires to connect, equip, refresh, restore, etc. as we continue to step out in faith on this journey of being a Creative Worship Arts Kingdom Equipping Center. Last night’s very small gathering (generally consisting of our family, and several other regulars (two adults, a teen, plus our seven) who simply come to sit in His presence & fellowship in the love of Christ) was so rich. Our youngest daughter stated, “Oh my, mom, His presence was sooo sweet, I was crying.” That so blessed me, as that is generally my response to His presence…so rich, so sweet, so all-consuming, that our response can only manifest through tears, peace, joy, love…all the good that He is.

This is what Kingdom life is all about. Pursuing Him in such a way that He can touch us in the deepest crevices of our being, transforming our entire perspective, existence & purpose in this life. Pursuing Him in such a way that He becomes our inspiration in all things. Pursuing Him in such a way that His inspiration begins to release that which inspires, comforts & sets others free on their journey in this life: songs, art, poetry, visions, Scripture, prayer, worship, praise, thanksgiving, the knowledge of belonging & family, revelation, teaching that upgrades our thinking & the way we respond to others & to our circumstances.

In His presence, The Arts Expressed, the individuals who come to seek Him, become the very vessels He EXPRESSES that which He has already poured into each one; that which releases all the fruits of His Spirit, His nature, His character, His goodness, His identity in us. He is love. It’s all about love. To love & be loved by the One who created us to know & be known by Him, & to love others with His love. Ambassadors of His Good News, being creatively expressed by the Creator Himself…all for His glory…advancing His Kingdom through His higher ways.

For individuals of all ages looking to unleash their own creative giftings, we will begin offering Creative Expressions weekly sessions at The Arts Expressed, beginning in June. Session details regarding age groups & time slots will be posted the first week of May.

“We ask for multiplication of this, Lord, throughout the nations…throughout Your Body. As Your sons & daughters, use us, Your children, Your ambassadors worldwide, to cause every tongue, tribe & nation to want to KNOW their Creator, their King. Increase & release creativity through the One who knows no impossibilities from the Realm that knows no bounds…release the colors, the images, the rhythms, the melodies, the frequencies, the words, the revelation, the restoration, & all that You are for these days we are living in, because You love each & every single person on the Earth, & You alone know what it will take to turn their hearts toward You.”