As I sit here sipping my morning coffee, seeking the Lord’s heart for this day, an image comes to mind of an adorable 6-year-old little boy coming into my Arts Expressed studio for his music lesson yesterday, giving me a hug & asking for a¬†microphone, & proceeding to beautifully belt out every last word to, ‘I Am Free’ by Desperation Band, not once, but twice. The pure tone, the smile on his face, the joy in his heart, & the freedom in his spirit is such an incredible blessing & testimony to the goodness of God! Especially when considering the rough battle this precious little one has already journeyed through as a Kindergartener, in an educational system trying to herd a uniquely creative, talented & energetic little boy into a behavior mold/model that is not remotely conducive or geared to young children or how he has been gifted. He has had to endure labels, grueling hours of testing for labels, diagnosis for more labels, drug recommendations to accompany the labels, special meetings, peer issues, & the list goes on. Did I mention he reads & scores academically way beyond his years? (The gifted & talented dilemma I researched for my master’s degree 22 years ago continues…one can only imagine how many kids have fallen through the cracks over the course of those 22 years!)

Praise God for giving my little music student’s parents who see what a beautiful gift their child is! Praise God he has their covering & their desire to see him equipped in the identity of Christ, & in the gifts/passions he has been created to be about & excel at!

This issue might not ‘appear’ to even be an issue if this child were older, but the alarms should be going off all across this nation, because he’s only in Kindergarten…his academic years of this bizarreness are just beginning! I won’t even get started on the curriculum path this mind-boggling spiral is headed down. Why do we simply accept it & let it, is the bigger question?

Praise God the family of this precious little guy has created an entire team to be proactive & life-giving in nurturing him in his identity as a son in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, in his family, in his health, & in the very things he was created to express/excel at as himself! He gets it! The words to ‘I Am Free’ weren’t just the words to a song for him…they were words of truth & life, & his spirit rang out exuberantly of the freedom he has found on his training journey of being an overcomer at the age of six! Talk about being scooped & blessed! (Mom said he wrote out the words to the song on pieces of paper all over the house…how awesome is that!)

I can’ help but be burdened for those children who don’t have a family support network, & those who have not yet been introduced to the only One who has the very best plans & purposes for them? Who’s going to bat for them when their journeys are as bumpy or even worse than the little guy I have been so blessed to work with? We desperately need the Lord back in our schools. The god of this age has gravely blinded our nation & its education system, as there are so many problems in our schools/with the children/youth in this generation that there is only One who could remotely handle something so comprehensibly huge & off course. (Yes, there are good teachers who get this & care about individual students, yet often their hands are tied by the humanism machine & the treadmill the entire education mountain has been on since removing God & prayer from our schools.)

The Body of Christ needs to be proactive about Christ-centered identity, purpose & giftings in each individual child from the womb on. Every child needs their identity defined by the One who loves them most. Each child needs to discover what they’re passionate about/gifted in, & be given the opportunities to develop those skills. Every child needs to know they have a Heavenly Father who has given them a place of infinite value in His heart, Who will lead them into Truth in all things.

That is what the little guy in my studio yesterday sang so joyfully about in his song. He gets it! The pure joy on his face beamed with revelation! In a nutshell, this is the vision of The Arts Expressed Equipping Center, for individuals of ALL ages. “Lord…do what only You can do, through Your & Your Light, in order that every child, young or old, has an opportunity to ‘get it,’ too!”

by the Desperation Band…

Through You the blind will see
Through You the mute will sing
Through You the dead will rise
Through You all hearts will praise
Through You the darkness flees

Through You my heart screams I am free

I am free to run
I am free to dance
I am free to live for You
I am free

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