Today I am pondering ‘passion.’ We were born to be passionate. We are a culture consumed with passions (plural), along with the crazy schedules to support our passions financially, emotionally, spiritually, & physically. When our passions are out of alignment, it all becomes skewed.

My passion: Jesus, therefore, to see an entire generation passionate about Him, walking in their Christ-given identity, & walking out their God-given giftings & callings for His Kingdom purpose & glory. Pursuit of relationship & intimacy with Him is the essence behind this passion ever becoming reality. I need to demonstrate both in word & action this passionate pursuit in my own home, first & foremost to my children, as they are the next generation. They will model in their lives & to their children what they see & hear me saying & doing.

Parents are you living a passionate pursuit of the only One who will not leave you empty at the end of this journey? How much more fulfilling will our children’s lives be all along the way if we teach them to passionately pursue the One who is their Source for all things? We only get one shot at this journey call life, which is only a wisp in the overall scheme of time. We only get one shot at parenting. His Spirit is stirring us to get it right eternally on behalf of the next generation. The current generation has been led off course, much like Israel was throughout its history in the Old Testament.

We are New Testament sons & daughters, in covenant with the Creator of the Universe through the identity & righteousness His Son purchased through His shed blood on behalf of all mankind. That’s something to be passionate about. When was the last time someone laid down their life for your love, your time, your calling, your giftings, or your passion? We so desperately need a great awakening in this nation…an awakening to the passion of the One Who’s invited us to spend our eternity Him…an awakening to becoming passionate about Him, His heart, His will, His desires & His Kingdom, because it’s all Eternal. In a fast food society, we don’t give eternity much thought until crises hits. Imagine our nation with a generation awakened to becoming wholeheartedly passionate about the presence of the King of Kings in our homes, schools, work places, recreation, etc. throughout every daily life!

We teach our kids to be passionate about so many things: sports, music, education, friends, entertainment, & the list goes on. It’s only in His presence, however, that we can truly be transformed, find satisfaction & contentment, healing, completeness & wholeness, purpose & calling, or anything & everything we are constantly searching to passionately fill our lives with, when in reality, it’s all only temporary.

I decree a challenge to all parents/entire families in becoming passionate about the pursuit of Jesus Christ & His Kingdom…about the pursuit of His presence here on Earth. He is the only One, the only place, where our identity, passions & giftings will manifest & find their eternal purpose in this life. This is not about church or youth group attendance. I am talking about intimate, daily, hourly, moment-by-moment relationship…One on one…learning to hear His voice & follow His leading, worship, enthusiasm, time, talent, energy, devotion, excitement, taught & poured out on/to the One it was all intended for…the One we were created to be in relationship with…the One we were assigned to walk this earth & carry an expression of Him/of Heaven on behalf of…the One who is truly the only One worthy of all glory, honor & praise…the One who is truly deserving of all our passion.

‘Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, And the very ends of the earth as Your possession.’ Psalm 2:8

Lord, I’m asking…

‘God, brilliant Lord, yours is a household name. Nursing infants gurgle choruses about you; toddlers shout the songs That drown out enemy talk, and silence atheist babble.’ Psalm 8:1-2