Minnesota recently launched a three year worship initiative, entitled, Worship ME Minnesota! This is such a now (kairos) word from the Lord. My spirit has been deeply stirring & groaning right along with Creation these days, simply because we were all born to worship. We were all created specifically to worship. Everyone of us are simply wired to worship. If we’re not worshiping the one true God of Heaven & Earth, Jesus Christ our Savior & Lord, then we will most certainly be giving our affection, our emotion, our passion, our energy, & our time to worshiping something much less worthy…to things/relationships we’ve been given as gifts & blessings to enjoy, but have instead turned into something much more through misdirected devotion. We need to take back this generation by teaching our children & youth the truth about worship…the truth about who they are & their Kingdom purpose in this life. (Check out my book, I Am A Good Idea! via the webstore on the left sidebar of this site or at www.Amazon.com)

I am fervently praying for a supernatural release of Holy Spirit-inspired creativity in every age group in every sector of our society…creativity that will reveal the glory of God in such a way that we will become a culture consumed with worshiping our Creator rather than the created…a release of amazing new songs, art, dance, literature, curriculum, inventions, scientific discoveries, business ventures, & godly leaders who know how to give glory to Whom glory is due.

Let Your Kingdom come, & Your will be done on this Earth, in this very nation, as it is in Heaven, Lord! Jesus, You alone are worthy of a Bride who’s preparing for Your rule & reign in every life & in every aspect of our lives! Let Your glory cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea!

I also highly recommend Matthew Chandler’s book, The Explicit Gospel, to enlarge your worship perspective!