Yesterday I was blessed with a terrific mom/son date night, that included attending the newest Ice Age movie, Continental Drift. As I awoke this a.m., the song, “Here in Your presence, we are undone. Here in Your presence, Heaven & Earth become one. Here in Your presence, all things are new. Here in Your presence, everything bows before You.” (Bryan & Katie Torwalt) was running through my spirit. I love when the Lord wakes me up that way! My spirit then shifted into a conversation I had with my son about the movie, regarding his favorite character. His answer was Louis, the molehog. I knew why he had chosen Louis, because he had compassion with regard to Louis’s journey of rejection…of not being accepted by the crowd…of being alone & needing a close friend who has his back. As I was processing that revelation, suddenly the Lord began to download revelation about the entire movie for the season we have entered.

(Note: I specifically knew nothing about this movie before I went, nor have I read any reviews, as felt led to write this from the Kingdom lens I see through.)

The main cast of the movie, Manny’s family (the wolly mammoths, Ellie & Peaches), Sid (the sloth who’s entire family abandons/rejects him & his grandmother in this movie), Diego (the sabertooth tiger), Crash & Eddie (possums) are all loners, outcasts, rejects, who have found each other & have become their own herd…a herd who ‘has each other’s backs’…family. These characters represent those referenced by Jesus in Luke 4:18-20 (Isaiah 61) & His announcement of the Good News of setting the captives free (“God’s Spirit is on Me; He’s chosen Me to preach the Message of good news to the poor, sent Me to announce pardon to prisoners and     recovery of sight to the blind, to set the burdened and battered free, to announce, ‘This is God’s year to act!”). I also believe they represent the journey of the true followers of Christ, as you will begin to see below.

The movie opens with the continental divide, which forces everyone to flee from their home/where they are, in order to seek safety elsewhere. Our nation is/the nations are clearly divided, & we cannot continue on the path we are currently on…we cannot stay where we are, & choices of where to go from here are going to have to be made this year. As Scripture plays out, we are also going to have to know where to find safety, provision, etc., & we’re going to have to work together.

There are so many prophetic scenarios in the movie I can’t remotely begin to list them all, however, I will select several for examples. The first example would be Peaches, who is a ‘teenager’ wanting to fit in with the crowd, attracted to the opposite sex & is willing to sell out who she is, her family & her friends to find the popular crowd’s acceptance. Her rebellion costs her dearly…hurting her best friend, her father, imminent danger, & ultimately, disaster, in separating the family physically for much of the rest of the movie. Family is key. We have to stand firm in training our kids to walk wholeheartedly in the Lord’s ways, as obedience to His leading will keep us safe…rebellion, even as simple as ‘putting off ’til tomorrow what we should have done today’ or ignoring a prompting could impact or cost us everything.

While adrift at sea, Manny, Diego, Sid & Granny encounter an evil pirate crew, whose leader is Captain Gut (an ape). He totally represents Satan – out to lie, steal, kill & destroy anyone & anything in his path. The remainder of his crew are all victims of his schemes, mostly outcasts who have lost their way, of which, Shira (a sabertooth cat), quickly discovers there is no loyalty whatsoever in belonging to this crew…only evil.

Also while adrift at sea, Granny continuously speaks to her imaginery ‘pet,’ Precious, as well as feeding Precious what little fruit they have for food. This piece is significant, because we never see Precious throughout the movie, & Granny takes flack from the movie’s onset for talking to someone that isn’t real…her ‘imaginery’ friend. However, at the end, when the entire movie comes to a climax of good verses evil, two significant events happen:

1) Louis, the rejected molehog, is the only one courageous enough to stand up against Captain Gut…to lay down his life for his friend, Peaches, who’s life hangs in the balance. Louis’s willingness to speak up & defend when all of the odds were against him, empowers the entire herd to unite together…the multi-generations (kids to granny)…to fight for their freedom. We have entered the age of the Kingdom, where the children, the teens, the young adults, the 30’s through the middle-aged, & the elderly must unite together as one in Christ for the sake of the Good News of the Kingdom…for the sake of the freedom Christ purchased with His blood for all mankind…for the sake of Heaven manifesting on earth through us, His Body.

2) When it appears that individual strength, nor the strength of the herd, is going to be enough, ‘suddenly’ Granny’s friend, Precious, a ginormous whale, arises on the scene to give the final ‘superstrength’ needed to defeat evil once & for all. It’s totally humorous that the force behind this victory is a whale (the Jonah thing & all), at least for me. (I could write an entire separate blog on that piece alone, as it relates to a previous blog on this page I’ve written about Jonah.) The whale represents the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, as we can do nothing in our own strength, but when we become one with Him…one with one another as a family/Body, uniting together to advance the Good News of His Kingdom of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness & self-control…justice, grace, & mercy…on earth as it in in Heaven…He will supply the power behind everything He leads us to do, because He’s already won the victory! He’s already defeated evil! We win! The final blow in the battle even involves a continuous forceful flow of water through the whale’s blowhole…rivers of living water flowing from our innermost being…I just love the Lord’s creativity!!!

The movie contains a scene prior to the final battle where evil masquerades as good in order to deceive the crew adrift at sea. How Scriptural is that! “And no wonder! Satan does it all the time, dressing up as a beautiful angel of light. So it shouldn’t surprise us when his servants masquerade as servants of God. But they’re not getting by with anything. They’ll pay for it in the end.” (2 Cor. 11:14-15). Only Manny, who listened with his heart, not his ears or his eyes, & because he was in relationship with the one he loved, was able to discern truth, protecting not only himself, but everyone else with him. I believe this is key as we move forward, with regard to being in such intimate relationship with the Lover of our souls, we receive the gifts of discernment, wisdom & understanding exactly when, where & how it will be needed on behalf of ourselves, our families & others.

The movie concludes with Captain Gut himself being deceived/destroyed, & the entire cast propelled by Precious (the whale) to a beautiful new home where another amazing adventure will begin. Isn’t that how the Bible ends?

I love how the Lord uses the media to keep getting His message of truth out there (*See NOTE below). We just need His eyes & ears to see & hear it…and that’s my Kingdom perspective.

*NOTE: I am not in any way advocating this movie as a ‘Christian’ movie. I am simply stating that there is only one Creator through Whom all creativity & revelation flows. The vessels He releases the creativity through are the ones who choose to use it for His Kingdom or for the kingdom of darkness.