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This CD releases beautiful, peaceful, melodic, Holy Spirit led healing frequencies, specifically targeted to infirmities, such as autism and cancer. Ten percent of CD proceeds will be sown into autism research/education.
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“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter” (Proverbs 25:2).

I have been on a journey with the revelation of my newest CD, Free to Be His Glory, since I was a junior high science student, experimenting with the impact of varying styles of music on plants and water. I was led to spend the summer of 2008 studying the revelation and ministry of David Van Koevering and quantum healing(3), where specifics about frequencies again came to my attention at the leading of the Holy Spirit. In the fall of 2010, I recorded my CD, The Journey, based on a music computer software program, Bible Music Writer, developed by Uri Harel and the Center for Biblical Hebrew.(1) His software mathematically converts the letters of the Hebrew alphabet from any Old Testament Scripture passage to music notation, thus literally releasing the musical frequencies of the spoken Word into the atmosphere. I incorporated each song title’s Scripture reference, added meter, form, rhythm, harmonies and spontaneous intercession to the original melodies of the converted Hebrew Scriptures. (There are frequency studies where vibrations cause letters of the Hebrew alphabet to form in sand.(2))

In the summer of 2011, I attended a Carla Reed conference on Healing Sounds(4) at the Lord’s House in Pipestone, MN,(5) where she taught on the 528 Hz studies of Leonard Horowitz, in contrast to Pythagorean Theorum and the current standard tuning of A440.(6) Ray Hughes addresses this topic in his Designed to Worship series(7) as well. God, the Master Creator of the universe, and His infinite creativity can never be limited or contained in a box. (*See ‘Journey of Frequencies’ article below).

This leads up to my continuing pursuit of His presence and newest CD, Free To Be His Glory. This album came about as a request from Lucy Reithmiller of Deborah Company Midwest(8), when I assisted her as a psalmist at an autism symposium she hosted. Lucy asked me to pray about recording a healing CD for autism. I have dedicated Free to Be His Glory to Lucy’s memory, who after a brief battle with cancer went home to glory this past summer. Ten percent of all CD proceeds will be sown into autism research/education.

The Lord originally revealed Free to Be His Glory song titles while at The Lord’s House for the Healing Sounds Conference. The following May, I was blessed with a psalming opportunity at the Leaping Forward Conference in Maplewood, MN, with David Van Koevering and Jim Chose.(9) During one of the final sessions, healing prayer was activated and I was asked to play spontaneously. I had a vision of an infinite keyboard winding up, down and around through a beautiful green meadow. Dancing with Jesus on this keyboard birthed the creative Spirit-led inspiration for Free to Be His Glory songs. Having been given confirmation at the Leaping Forward Conference from both Van Koevering and Chose about recording a healing CD for autism, as well as for the healing of other infirmities, I was led to record the majority in 528 Hz, with the exception of three songs. In much the same manner as Uri Harel did with his Hebrew software translation, the melodies and their frequencies actually spell out the specific titles of each song, as do the chords and keys. The time signatures, form, harmonies and spontaneous flow were all recorded with Holy Spirit as my conductor.

It is my prayer that each song truly releases those in captivity or bondage to any infirmities/strongholds, such as autism, cancer, etc., (body, mind and soul), breaking free to be exactly what the Blood of Christ has already purchased for us to walk in and has decreed for us to be eternally: “He used his servant body to carry our sins to the Cross so we could be rid of sin, free to live the right way. His wounds became your healing.” 1 Peter 2:24

*The following will explain my frequency journey and the leading behind each song in further detail.

A Journey of Frequencies

‘Frequency’ in the context of this article can be defined as: ‘Physics – The rate at which a repeating event occurs, such as the full cycle of a wave. Frequencies are usually measured in hertz.'(10) Scripture tells us in Genesis, Chapters 1-2, that God spoke creation into existence. Human voices produce a range of frequencies.(11) Scripture also describes the Lord’s voice as being like the sound (roar) of rushing water (many) waters (Revelation 1:15, 14:2, Ezekiel 43:2), which would contain multiple frequencies. Science has recorded the Earth having its own frequency.(12) Science has also documented the molecular structure of water responding to frequencies, specifically, perfectly and uniquely beautiful in response to positive spoken words, and deformed in response to negative spoken words.(13) The studies have similar results with varying styles of music. Since the human body is comprised of 57-75% water, this research has powerful implications with regard to the words we speak to one another, as well as the music we listen to! We are created to generate, receive and respond to frequencies. One can Google scientific research pertaining to varying frequencies from love/miracles having the frequency of 528 hertz (14), to liberty/freedom as being 333 hertz. (15 and 16)

I believe we are just beginning to scratch the surface in discovering the very frequencies of Heaven being released to and aligned on the Earth. I believe that joy, peace, laughter, and an endless array of goodness like justice, mercy, and compassion, existing eternally in Heaven and in the very nature of God, all have frequencies: all possess a specific sound. However, because we live in a fallen world, hate also has a frequency, as does rejection, envy, anger, unforgiveness, and the entire gambit of sinfilled thoughts, words and emotions. Worldwide, we are currently experiencing the manifestation of the fruit of a vast array of negative frequencies, because the Earth is out of alignment with the goodness of God and the atmosphere of Heaven.

The Body of Christ needs to be intimately in pursuit of Jesus for aligning our frequencies with the sound of Heaven. Thankfulness has a frequency. Praise has a frequency. Worship in Spirit and Truth has a frequency. Worship is a lifestyle, and is neither a song style or a church service. Worship is who we are and it’s what we do with every thought, every word, and every action…24/7. When we release the frequencies of our Father’s nature in us, having been redeemed and transformed into the image of His Son, our mind, our will, and our emotions respond to the very frequencies of our worship. It’s impossible to worship in Spirit and in Truth and release frequencies contrary to the nature of Christ. In his book,Interpreting the TImes (17), Chuck Pierce wrote, ‘In the book of Revelation, we find the real issue is the relationship between the sounds of heaven and the demonstration of God on earth. Sound leads us forth.  Be willing to allow the sounds of Heaven order your actions.’

With all that is changing and shaking around us, those who choose to stay in a place of seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven, loving the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul,  mind and strength, and others with His love…those who choose an attitude of thankfulness and praise, will find their frequencies aligning in the place of peace that passes all understanding. Peace has a frequency. I humbly give thanks to the Lord for opening my ears and eyes to begin to understand His supernatural frequencies. I can’t wait to discover the various ways He desires to lead me on the path of releasing the frequencies He’s continuously seeking to release on the Earth. I have purposed to be His vessel in empowering others to discover the very frequencies of Heaven, and most especially, the frequencies of His nature. His goodness is looking for those whom He can resound through. “Lord, let it begin with me…”

For anyone suspect of New Age content in this revelation, remember Satan can only counterfeit what has already been created, as there is only one Creator God. If we are in Christ, don’t all things and all revelation belong to His Kingdom? Isn’t it time the Body of Christ becomes the very ones releasing cutting edge creativity straight from the true Source of the only One who has the power to create and release it through them?

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter” (Proverbs 25:2).

“However, there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries…” (Daniel 2:28).

“He reveals mysteries from the darkness and brings the deep darkness into light” (Job 12:22).

“Surely the Lord GOD does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7).

I love this word Holy Spirit spoke through a 10-year old boy in December of 2007 in the children’s church I was leading. For specific details concerning this word please read my article at www.TheArtsExpressed.com or www.jaranministries.com entitled: A Season of Expectation. This promise is a frequency awaiting manifestation:

Word Received in Kingdom Kids – 12/16/07 – Danny (age 10, grade 4)

‘The 2008 Christmas Gift!

“I herd (heard) God say “I am giving you a gift to all that no one haves (has). It is so precious that the glory of it is shining briter (brighter) than the sun! It’s power is felt all over the earth!” I herd (heard) God say agian (again).”What I speack (speak) is important. It’s might is so far beyond yours.” He said agian (again), “This Christmas I am giving you a restorement (restoration?). My perpose (purpose) is berdond (burdened) on your harts (hearts) so now you know what to do! For now all will (be) and are healed. I am soon coming so rase (raise) up mighty warriors to win the battle that has allready bine (been) won by the blood of Christ. We won and now are going to flood your homes with the glory of me!!!!!”

His glory is a frequency! These revelations and the discoveries continuing to come forth regarding frequencies have astounding implications with regard to the various arts, which are comprised of/utilize the spectrum of visual and audible frequencies (as well as those yet unseen/unheard), and their restorative impact on both individuals and the culture for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

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