I have recently been pondering an ‘accusation’ that came against me at the onset of our past seven year season, & has now again at this season’s conclusion, while transitioning into the new, resurfaced…the exact same ‘accusation’ seven years later! At first my flesh wanted to respond with offense & rejection (both times :), because the accusation was definitely intended to be negative & critical. “Did I not learn anything in these past seven years, & do I have to go around this mountain again, Lord? When will I ever die enough to myself that I become the overcomer You see me as eternally & have already made me to be in Christ Jesus?” However, the Lord then prompted me to dig deeper into the meaning of the word, ‘intense,’ before heading down that path. Here is the definition:

‘in·tense [ in ténss ] (Bing Dictionary)
1) extreme: great, strong, or extreme in a way that can be felt; 2) effortful or active: involving great effort or much activity; 3) concentrated: narrowly focused or concentrated’

‘in·ten·si·ty [ in ténssətee ] (Bing Dictionary)
1) quality of being intense: the strength, power, force, or concentration of something; 2) intense manner: a passionate and serious attitude or quality; 3) magnitude of energy: the strength of a source of energy such as light, electricity, or sound per unit area, mass, or time’

In light of these definitions, in light of the revelation He is now downloading for my next season with regard to frequencies/healing, & in light of the fact that the ‘accusation’ comes in regard to my intensity in my life’s journey with/for Christ, & Him being my total reason for existence, family, giftings, & purpose, I can now say that I am honored, blessed, & humbled to have received this ‘accusation.’ Was not Jesus wholeheartedly ‘intense’ in His relationship with His Heavenly Father & His Kingdom purpose for walking this Earth, to the degree that when He was only 12, He told His parents they should have known He would be about His Father’s business while in the temple instead of where they thought He was supposed to be? To the degree that He only said what He heard His Heavenly Father say & did only what saw His Heavenly Father do?

In this culture we seem to accept intensity on every other level: sports, concerts, politics, dating/sex, food, entertainment, passions/ideals/agendas of every size, shape, color & topic, including purposeful intensity about not being too committed or intense about anything in life, in order to more fully live in/experience the moment.

I am wholeheartedly unashamed & unapologetic at living intensely, intently, purposefully & passionately for my King! I am living & believing for an entire generation to seize hold of living for, in, through & about Jesus & His Kingdom come, His will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven! I have poured that intensity into training up six children for Him over the past 22+ years, as there is nothing else in this life that is Eternal. Why wouldn’t we want to pour every ounce of our intensity, zeal & passion for this life into the One who gives it to us in the first place?

Here I am, Lord, send me. Empower me to intensely love You & others more with Your love, Your heart, Your joy, Your peace, Your desires, Your eyes & Your ears…all for Your glory alone!”