In this glorious season of focusing on Jesus Christ as our Heavenly Father’s love made manifest on behalf of all mankind, I am reminded of a particular word Holy Spirit spoke five years ago, in December of 2007, through one of the boys in the children’s church we were leading. (The number five represents grace, a gift made available to all through our Messiah and King, and one that is very much needed throughout our nation in this hour.) This boy was often too shy to share. He would write down what he heard the Lord speak to him, and his mother (who was one of my helpers) would bring up the word to share. This particular word was so profound and bore such witness in our spirits, we put together a DVD for the main worship service. (I have included a written copy of the word at the end of this article.)

I remember being slightly puzzled at this particular word because the boy had written, “The 2008 Christmas Gift!”, in big letters at the top of the page. I remember wondering if the boy had mistakenly gotten the year wrong, knowing 2008 was just around the corner, or if there was more to be revealed than we could understand at the time. I also remember how we all waited so expectantly for something spiritually significant in Christmas 2007 that did not manifest tangibly in this realm. Additional Christmas’ of expecting the manifestation of this word came and went in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

We now find Christmas 2012 rapidly approaching, at the conclusion of another year in which our nation has changed significantly. Many Believers have been in such a place that if the Lord Himself does not break into their circumstances there are no other options…no other hopes…no Plan B’s. Regardless of whether it’s the need for a miracle healing from cancer, a financial miracle, a breakthrough from hope long deferred, etc., we have had yet another year to stand in faith on His promises; to persevere through trials and tribulations; and to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony. We’ve been given yet another year to live and pray in expectation and anticipation of our Heavenly Father breaking into our circumstances, and of the Lord manifesting His Spirit (Christ in us) in greater measure throughout the Earth (the hope of glory)…to pray for and expect His glory to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. In the midst of it all, I again find myself more stirred, more thankful, more in reverential awe, more in love with Jesus, more emboldened in the revelation of who He is in me, more excited, and waiting with an ever increasing measure of expectation of what the Lord is about to do in this appointed season. I still don’t understand why the word given through this young boy was dated 2008 (other than a faith decree from the unseen realm to the seen realm), but I do know the Lord has a perfect time and season for everything under Heaven. I know He is sovereign and He sees everything from an eternal perspective that we see dimly through, yet we continue to press in, pray, and believe for increased wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, and the fear of the Lord in the journey (Isaiah 11:1-2, Revelations).

I also know when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord raises up a standard again him (Isaiah 59:19). Throughout this past season, the enemy has come in like a flood against so many of the Lord’s people, and he has certainly come in like a flood against our nation. As we cross over into another New Year, those of us seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness will keep our focus on Jesus, worship Him, give Him thanks and praise, and watch expectantly in this joyous season for a greater manifestation of His glory in His sons and daughters. It truly is a season to sing, dance, laugh and create!

I decree in faith and expectation, through His eternal Blood and in His eternal Light, that there is a 2012 Christmas gift coming incomparable to anything or anyone, and indescribable through words; one the generations will significantly remember. It will resound with the glory of the Lord, as on the very night Christ first came to earth – the first Christmas – many years ago. This Christmas gift, however, will surpass the first, because the first time He came as a child; as flesh; as a lamb; to one location on the earth. His life, death and resurrection paid the price (the ultimate and final sacrifice as the Lamb of God), and accomplished the will of our Father to reconcile any and all who believe and receive in their hearts, Jesus as Savior, and profess Him as Lord…anyone who desires Christ to be living in them through the power of Holy Spirit. I believe a greater measure of Christ in us is about to arise ALL OVER THE EARTH (not just in one location) through those who have received the Father’s revelatory love as sons and daughters, having been adopted into His Kingdom as co-heirs in Christ; willing to be the footstool He rests on (Acts 7:49)…vessels of Heaven’s love and dominion all over the Earth. An abundant harvest is about to be reaped eternally for the Kingdom of Heaven…all for Jesus, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords..the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life!

As a manifestation of His glory, supernatural and creative anointings and strategies are about to be poured out and carried into all sectors of society through the sons and daughters of the Most High God. All the world will come to understand there is only one God Almighty, Elohiym, and there is only one way that reconciles us to Him…through Jesus Christ, His only begotten and beloved Son, Messiah. There truly is no greater love. It’s always been about love, and His story is the greatest love story ever told. It’s the love of our Heavenly Father and the love of His Son for all mankind, and the amazing gift He was willing to give…Holy Spirit dwelling within us to do the greater works He declared we would do. 

When Christ finally returns for His Bride, He will come as a Lion in all His glory (the Lion of the Tribe of Judah). He is about to roar through His Church – through His multi-generational, multi-denominational, multicultural Body of Believers and wholehearted Lovers – His sons and daughters – and He will take back all the enemy stole from Him, from His Kingdom and from His people (“we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities of darkness”). He will take dominion on the Earth (His Kingdom will come and His will will be done on the Earth just as it is in Heaven) through His people who are carriers of His glory, anointing and authority…through a visible, tangible manifestation and revelation of His love…through creative miracles (healing, financial, provision, protection, deliverance, suddenlies, etc.)…through the creative arts and creative strategies in every sector of society…through the Church He is building that the gates of hell cannot prevail against. He will return for a Bride who has made herself ready and prepared herself for her Bridegroom’s Kingdom rule and reign.

To those who have a revelation of our King and His Kingdom: get ready for His 2012 Christmas Gift…get ready for His anointing…His supernatural creative anointing…get ready for a supernatural revelation of His glory to manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven!

Word Received in Kingdom Kids – 12/16/07 – Danny (age 10, grade 4)

The 2008 Christmas Gift!
I herd (heard) God say “I am giving you a gift to all that no one haves (has). It is so precious that the glory of it is shining briter (brighter) than the sun! It’s power is felt all over the earth!” I herd (heard) God say agian (again).”What I speack (speak) is important. It’s might is so far beyond yours.” He said agian (again), “This Christmas I am giving you a restorement (restoration?). My perpose (purpose) is berdond (burdened) on your harts (hearts) so now you know what to do! For now all will (be) and are healed. I am soon coming so rase (raise) up mighty warriors to win the battle that has allready bine (been) won by the blood of Christ. We won and now are going to flood your homes with the glory of me!!!!!”