I have an art piece that reads, “God gave us music that we may pray without words.” I believe the essence of that applies to all of the arts, whether music, dance, photography, design, media, figure skating or art in all of its forms. We live in a nation starkly divided for a number of reasons, & in a severely broken world. It seems that words only contribute to further the divide & brokenness. We have more access to express ourselves through words than ever before, yet the end result is a cementing of the contrasting ideologies behind the viewpoints, rather than influencing others to change their perspectives. Truth can only emerge through revelation. Revelation is birthed in one’s spirit before it manifests mentally, emotionally or physically…that is how we were created to function. We were also created to function in relationship with our Heavenly Father & with one another.

In light of these truths, it is time for a new language to permeate our atmospheres: a language that speaks to the innermost being of the human spirit within to heal & restore. The music & artforms birthed in the 60’s throughout today were able to accomplish an absolute transformation of a society to one saturated in self-centeredness, sex & violence. The language spoken over the course of the past 50+ years through our arts is absolute evidence of becoming what we focus on, as there are very few places we can go to escape it. It’s in our coffeeshops, our eating establishments, our shopping venues, our elevators, our lobbies, our telephones, our homes, our cars, & the list goes on. (Education has also played a significant role in the transformation of our society, however, language has been key in education as well…a post for another time.)

I have been prompted to pray (with/without words) & believe for the release a new language: a language that breathtakingly reveals love, peace, & beauty so glorious that healing & wholeness of body, mind & soul manifests wherever it is heard & seen. There’s only one Source for a language that powerfully creative, healing, & restorative: Heaven itself – Holy Spirit, who hovers over the Earth, & dwells within the hearts of all who profess Jesus Christ as Savior & Lord. The Holy Spirit is the seven spirits flowing from the throne room (Isaiah 11:1-2, Revelations) where Jesus Himself, the One who made the ultimate sacrifice for all mankind as the Open Door of Restoration to our Heavenly Father, the One who sits & intercedes on our behalf continuously, the One who is the Source of living waters He said would flow from our innermost being, sits at the right hand of His Father.

Holy Spirit, do in & through Your gifted/skilled artists of every medium, that which we cannot do ourselves. Release the creativity of the Creator Himself throughout the Earth in an unpredicented way never before seen on the Earth, & exponentially supercede the influence of the arts of the past 50+ years, for the glory of our King & His Kingdom. Use Your artists & Your gifts to move across the Earth & proclaim Good News to the poor, set the captives free, heal the broken, release the prisoners of darkness, comfort those who mourn, impart beauty for ashes, impart joy instead of mourning, & impart praise instead of despair, as only You can. Release a revelation of Your righteousness/Your worthiness, available to all who would receive the gift. Restore the shame, & rebuild the ruins through Your sons & daughters gifted/skilled in the various arts. Through us, release Your love, Your justice, & Your mercy. We humbly offer our lives & our gifts as a living sacrifice to the glory of Your name, Jesus. Here we are, Father. Use us. Send us to prepare the way of our Lord…to prepare His pure & spotless Bride. We pray with & without words through the power of Your eternal blood, Your eternal Spirit, Your eternal Word, & Your eternally powerful Name, Jesus!