Who would have thought that what we suspected to be food poisoning, followed by a flu virus, would suddenly turn into ICU Emergency Dialysis with a child who has been active & healthy since we adopted him in November of 2002? We have suddenly been told that if he had received a blood draw anywhere along the way, either upon entering the country as a newly adopted member of our family, or from any illness, which obviously never occurred, we would have then discovered Josiah has the kidneys of a 1-2 year old, that this condition has been there all along (they never grew past that age), & it was to the doctor’s amazement that he was up walking around healthy for this long. He had passed all of his wellness checks, immunizations appointments, etc. thus far. The woulda, coulda, shoulda’s don’t do us any good at this point.

I scheduled a local doctor visit earlier this week that we fully expected to reveal virus or mono…something an antibiotic can improve quickly, however, we were suddenly & quickly on our way to the emergency room at Amplatz Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. After ultrasounds, x-rays, EKG’s, & multiple other blood tests, we were set up in ICU to stabilize astoundingly whacky numbers over the course of three days just to get his body to the place they can begin to treat him. We suddenly have a medical vocabulary we didn’t choose to have, a very restricted ‘renal’ diet – low everything except for sugar :), blood pressure medication for a 15-year old (the same blood pressure medicine his 53 year old father has), & are now prepping for a surgery to place a long-term cath line early next week. We were told this is the beginning of a very long haul that apart from divine intervention will lead to a kidney transplant. Many of the why’s & other test results are not yet back. They have been 100% focused on getting him stabilized for long term treatment. Step 1. Dialysis four hours three days in a row to gradually get all of his numbers to where they need to be at a rate his weakened body can handle without complications.

We cry…not in front of Josiah. Josiah says he’s not going to cry until he hears the whole story. There are a number of pieces to the whole story we have not yet shared with him, awaiting the test results & doctor’s prognosis in the natural. Their list includes long term dialysis (he heard three days :(, a surgery, & no more physical activity: no football, basketball, frisbee golf?, mowing, swimming, showers, & so the list goes on…all due to the cath line risks, as well as how this all impacts his heart & other organs. We have not shared any of the yucky details with Josiah yet. One day at a time.
We are a family of faith: faith in a Healer who loves us intimately & immensely, & who is most certainly in the miracle business today just as much as when He walked this earth. We have a daughter, age 20, who received a miracle while she was in my womb, thus we personally know our God of miracles. Several members of our family (including me, Tammy) have been rescued in car accidents that could have easily snuffed out the plans & purposes our Heavenly Father has for us in this life. We are intimately familiar with Psalm 91, & we are now becoming intimately familiar with Psalm 23. I am a psalmist, therefore, I listen deeply & longingly for the sound & song of healing in our journey: the healing that is absolutely present & powerful in the blood of Jesus Christ our Savior & Lord. I knew my recording assignment for 2013 was a healing CD – I have the cover in my spirit & the song titles. Little did I know it would be for our own journey. I have wholeheartedly prayed, “Here I am, Lord, send me.” So…here I am.
Josiah has heard the voice of the Lord through Scripture & visions since he was 8 years old. Now he will have to press in with us for daily leading until his miracle manifests in this realm. His siblings also know the voice of Holy Spirit personally & relationally. They know Him in dreams, visions, Scriptures, prayer, worship, giftings – music, art, dance, singing – & as their calling in this life. We have taught numerous children & youth their identity in Christ, to believe for Him to manifest supernaturally in the midst of their lives, giftings, & callings, & to live a life of worship unto Him, as that is what we have all been created to do on this earth.
If there’s anything we know, after our family has journeyed through miracle births, car accidents, bizarre medical journeys for both myself & my husband, a number of oral surgeries for our son, daughter & myself, the dynamics of blending a family of five that includes a set of twins, adding an adopted sibling group of three children, ages 5, 8 & 10 from a foreign country who didn’t speak English, homeschooling all six children, ministering to countless kids & families throughout the midwest, moving four times in ten years with a family of 8, wholeheartedly following His leading in obedience to all of His desires, plans & purposes, living in the midst of an economic meltdown for the past 7 years, & now this…
If there’s one thing we know that we know: our Heavenly Father loves us intimately, immensely & personally…& He loves our children more than we do. He is always good, everything good we have is a gift from Heaven, & His plans & purposes for us here on earth are always for good, therefore, He will turn all of this to good for the glory of His name. He has purchased our salvation, our identity, our healing, our gifts/callings, our very lives, with His life & His blood, & He will supply all of our needs according to His rich abundance in glory. It is there that our faith stands in complete & total peace, hope, trust, & love. We rest in His Truth. He is our Foundation, our Rock, our Savior, our Comforter, our Beloved, & our Friend.
We are most thankful for all who are praying for us in this bizarre season of warfare we have been walking through for 8 years…we had a bizarre season of warfare back in the 90’s that people prayed us through & we saw His glory in all of it. This wilderness journey has been longer & tougher, & we have recently been informed that it’s just beginning? Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus & His righteousness. He will calm this storm. I also believe we will see the miraculous manifest in our present just as it did in the early church as Jesus taught & demonstrated. This is what we have trained up our children to believe. This is what we have lived. This is what we have taught wherever He has sent us to release. We believe. We receive. Thanks for believing with us.
Just found out, based on test results yet to be determined, making possible the goal, a transplant, which would then make dialysis short term rather than life long. Therefore, we believe through the eternal blood of Jesus Christ, for Josiah’s test results to determine him eligible for a transplant, including a supernatural manifestation of a kidney straight from the Throne Room to the amazement of all, making dialysis a short term journey instead of a life-long journey. Thank You, Father, that all of Your promises are ‘Yes’ & ‘Amen’ in Jesus!
For all further information on Josiah & our family’s journey visit https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/josiahsorenson/createorsignin