The Body of Christ must come to understand that the God of the Old Testament, even though He is still the same God today, yesterday & tomorrow, until the fullness of the Gentile’s (us) time in the New Testament is fulfilled, sees everyone who comes to Him through Jesus, in the righteousness of His Son. Period. Nothing added, nothing taken away. We are all growing in His image at multiple stages of immaturity/maturity, & living in the New Testament (not the Old, which points out the need for/the revelation of Jesus): His love, grace, mercy & goodness being poured out for all mankind, not his wrath. Wrath rarely makes someone want to run TO them…Jesus took that upon Himself for ALL mankind until the hour of the final judgment. Jesus came to fulfill the Law. He alone fulfills it in us, not our religious mindsets/actions. Wrath will be poured out at the final judgment for those who denied Him to the end, which is not until the Gentiles & the Jews have come into His appointed fulfilled time…that has not yet happened that we are aware of?

The Body of Christ must come to see that our Heavenly Father gives each member of His Body/each ministry a ‘piece’ of His Kingdom purpose (the only Superstar is Jesus), that all of the ‘pieces’ are to be fitted jointly together to release the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, & that we must work together as a Body in unity & in His love, following Holy Spirit’s lead (who is in one accord with Father & Son) to BE the Body of Christ – BE the Kingdom of Heaven at hand – be the heart, the hands & the feet of Jesus – on the Earth. This is the Gospel – the Good News a very broken & hurting world needs to see & hear, as the time is nearer than ever before for His return. The enemy is releasing havoc in so many people’s lives. This is not the Father’s will. Living in a fallen world gives the enemy access to work in ways that only a relationship with & in Christ can overcome.

The Father’s answer to sin will always be Jesus. Sin needs a Savior. The Father’s answer to sickness will always be Jesus. Sickness needs a Healer. The Father’s answer to poverty & lack will always be Jesus. Lack needs a Source of abundant life. The Father’s answer to hate, rejection, anger & the endless destructive list that does not exist in Heaven but does exist on this Earth will always be Jesus. Jesus is the answer for every scheme of the enemy’s demonic realm of lies, stealing, killing & destruction of the Creator’s most precious Creation: mankind.

The harvest IS plentiful. It’s time for the laborers – the lovers of the Most High God & the disciples of Jesus who have been trained up in the way they should go, to BE the laborers of His love, demonstrating the Good News, making disciples/worshipers in Spirit & in Truth in thought, word & deed. Jesus & His command to love God & love others should be our only focus in these end times we are living in…being carriers of His presence, the only One who can transform a life…not the doctrine, theology, eschatology, denominationology, ideology, or any other divisive, religious fear based ‘ology’ that has divided the Body of Christ for far too many years. We so easily & quickly forget the very spirit that crucified our Lord, but it’s soon Passover & Resurrection Sunday…it’s time to remember & follow His selfless example.