Josiahbanner1People are asking the question, ‘how can I/we help?’ Our sister-in-law & her husband, Summer & Jeff Brackhan of Nourishing Souls & Fiddlestick Music, have launched a wonderful website with informative videos & donation links as a huge blessing to our family/our youngest son, Josiah, on this difficult journey we find ourselves walking.

Please check out the following link & click on
‘Uplift Josiah’:
Hello all~ Our nephew recently found out he needs a kidney transplant. Since we cannot be there to help them juggle all of the things that come along with a major life change, Summer decided to make a difference through donating 100% profits of her book and created a donation page. Please check it out – it would mean the world to us~ If you share, like and comment on this post it will also help spread the word. Thank you! Thank you!
Here is the link to share this video: