Our youngest adopted son, Josiah, was so excited to get home from his kidney center dialysis treatment last Friday evening. He had a sparkle in his eye that lasted until Sunday a.m., when we returned to prepare for another treatment week. He was extremely quiet all day Sunday, as I knew he was pondering the answer to his question, “What’s gonna be different,” & I’m not sure he was thrilled to actually understand the answer.

It was good to worship together as a family, & to be reminded of the wonderful truths concerning this Passover & Resurrection week we have entered into. Watching The Bible on the History Channel together as a family in the midst of Josiah’s whole renal failure ordeal has been good as well. We are excited that every night this week we can partake of that! Our faith is totally stirred for the power of the blood of Jesus to do a supernatural intervention in this journey we are walking through. I also know that our Heavenly Father is much more concerned with who we are all becoming in Christ (the process) more than the end result (the miracle – the answer – the product), because He already knows the end result, & He already knows it’s all good – we’re the ones who are ‘becoming’ in Christ, having to trust Him completely while we walk out the leading of Holy Spirit in faith each day…and we do & we will!

This a.m. I can tell Josiah didn’t stick to his diet as strictly as he should have (his doctor gave him permission to ‘cheat’ occasionally, therefore, he did with a piece of lasagna & possibly a taco?), which have caused swelling in his face again…(he needs to avoid tomatoes & cheese). We highly suspect his numbers will reveal the ‘cheating.’
As a family, we also read through our giant Pediatric Kidney Transplant manual this weekend, encompassing the entire magnitude of this journey, so as not to move forward naively – this is no small thing in the natural (or the supernatural :). We await telephone calls this week to set up many necessary appointments.
I was again awakened at the exact same time last night He awakens me frequently, for the purpose of praying through my/our inheritance Scriptures; one of them being the very date of our first born son’s arrival into this world, which also ‘happens’ to be the exact same date Josiah’s world suddenly changed. Coincidence? I think not, so this is the day we have been given, & we are glad, rejoicing in it & in the One Who has gifted it to us.
We met a mom on the bus this morning who’s journey is ‘simply’ awaiting another week or two of her premature baby’s development. He’s doing well & they will dismiss him in a week or so. Love seeing the positive in the midst of all the pain. Thank You, Lord, for being the very Source of all that is good!
Thank You, Lord, for journeying into Jerusalem this week so many years ago, knowing it would cost You everything for all mankind to again have access to a restored, redeemed relationship with our Heavenly Father. Thank You, Jesus, for the 39 scourging lashes – each delivering 12 leather strips of flesh tearing glass per lash, equalling 468 stripes You received for our healing…for Josiah’s healing (Isaiah 53:5). Thank You, Lord, that all of the world’s diseases can be boiled down to 468 root causes, meaning You suffered intensely & excruciatingly literally to cover all infirmities!!! Thank You, Lord, for reminding us this week You payed the full price for our healing & for our redemption! This was no small thing, & therefore, we offer You our highest praise, our deepest thanksgiving, our wholehearted worship, our complete obedience, & all that we are in this life, that You may receive the highest glory & honor that You alone are so very worthy of!