A Miracle: the Best Option

From Josiah Sorenson’s Caring Bridge Site (the Bible verse of today on this website is spot on 🙂

It’s Friday! Yahoo! Just as the workplace celebrates the arrival of a weekend, so do we. Dialysis & the dialysis schedule is hard work…I had no clue prior to this journey, & I am so sorry I didn’t pay more attention…going forward, I won’t forget. Walking through any long-term or terminal illness is strenuous & stressful…that I remember from when my grandmother suffered from bone cancer. That I haven’t forgotten either & I was only 14 at the time…the year I encountered Jesus…interesting. Being caught up in the midst of both these worlds (it’s all around us every hour of every day where we have currently & temporarily been positioned) has life changing perspective. Dialysis Month 2, Week 4, Day 3…Monday begins Month 3 Week 1 Day 1.

This a.m. brings about barrage of readjusting his dry weight (due to blood pressure/headache issues), ordering a blood pressure cuff for us to begin daily logging to provide even further consistent evidence for all of the necessary details needing constant adjustment during dialysis, as well as dealing with a messy problem during his central line dressing change – painful & gross, with much needed information, in order to avoid infections/ER/hospital stays, especially if non-dialysis staff ever has to treat him.

At this stage of the game, as far as I’m concerned, only a miracle will do. Yes, a transplant donor match & successful transplant in the medical field is a successful miracle. However, a lifetime of 13-20 daily medications & all of the risks to his lowered immune system in trying to keep his body from rejecting a kidney he wasn’t born with, along with a lifetime of weekly doctoring…all to regularly moniter & prevent him from ending up right back where we are now…not the greatest option. The transplant evaluation team shared with us about teens-mid-20’s being the most difficult ages for this journey to work successfully…they start feeling good, miss a med & doctor appointment here & there, indulge in a few things teens/20’s indulge in = kidney failure…again. The surgeon shared that he has transplanted up to four kidneys in one individual. Add to that, the financial devastation piece of this equation…a supernatural miracle is always the best option, & we’re believing for our Heavenly Father to manifest it.

Expecting & decreeing for a ‘suddenly!’ Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. That’s where we’re at…listening for/to & speaking aloud the Word of the Lord…our Healer. I have also enrolled myself in a certification/degree program in sound healing therapy…it’s the missing piece of The Arts Expressed vision (seewww.TheArtsExpressed.com). I’m Skyping with my instructor on Tuesday about any/all options we can explore to stimulate Josiah’s kidneys to vibrate in alignment again…with his own body & with His Creator, enough to stimulate at least one kidney to grow…that was the prayer specifically prayed over Josiah for healing & that’s the miracle we’re going to believe for (the Lord could easily take a kidney from His storehouse of miracles & place it into Josiah’s body prior to a transplant surgery as well – we certainly believe for & have expectation for however He desires to show up & bring glory to Himself!)

In the meantime…weekend & sunshine…so very thankful! Have a blessed one!

Also, in the waiting, anything to do with the donor end of this journey is yet unknown, therefore we will continue including donor information with each post, simply because we know the Lord has a good plan, and works out every detail beyond our wildest imaginations, especially in our unknowing yet believing 🙂

We are praying for healthy individuals between the ages of 18-55 who are willing to be tested as possible donors, to call the transplant center at 612-625-5115, Ext. 1, and have their names put on Josiah Sorenson’s possible donor list any time: the sooner the better, as we would like to get that ball rolling, since the entire journey takes time; whether it’s waiting on the Lord’s supernatural healing intervention or proceeding with all that is involved in transplant preparation. The transplant center will instruct any willing donors at the onset of an initiated phone call. Until we receive supernatural intervention, we walk out this journey in the natural as directed, preferring to proceed as quickly as possible.