Recently Tammy had a conversation with Josiah about keeping a focus on the important things at hand. She said, “Josiah, I will get you through this, but you have to keep doing your part.” Isn’t that a “fact” of life. But sometimes the “facts” aren’t the “truth”.

Last Friday, the other kids and I headed to the Cities and Tammy came home for a quiet weekend. We got a few minutes together as we exchanged items in the parking lot at work. Jadan had several music gigs over the weekend. Joci was busy catching up on school work and was doing laundry chores until midnight. Jessa had a busy schedule that weekend, too. She had stopped in to see Mom and Josiah a couple of days earlier.

About 2:00 am Sunday morning I couldn’t sleep. I hadn’t heard from Jessa since Thursday when she had popped in to give me a hug at work on the way to the Cities. I sent her a terse text about not having seen her. But the “fact” was that even though I had had not seen her, the “truth” was that she had called Mom back home three different times just to give her moral support. And, in between one of the calls, Jessa had gone off and lifted Mom up in prayer for over an hour.

Jadan became so sick by Saturday night that he couldn’t lift his arms, and yet had to be up at 6:00 a.m. to play at church for two more services on Sunday. I’m always with Jadan whenever & wherever he plays guitar, but this morning I needed to stay back and be with Josiah & Joci at RMH until the 11:00 a.m. service. I helped him carry stuff out to his car, gave him a hug, and prayed over him. Later, when we got to the 11:00 a.m. service, I caught up with Jadan just ahead of the service to see how he was doing. He felt rough.  Using bravado as only Dad’s can do, I told him that it was “game time.”  And, as you would expect, he did an awesome job on guitar. Jadan knew the “fact” was that he was sick, but the “truth” was that the Lord would give him strength.

Sunday evening when Tammy returned to RMH and I was heading back home, in the parking lot I noticed that the Mini Cooper she had driven down had a large bulge in the tread of the rear tire. I wasn’t going to leave her with that for the week, so I decided to drive it home. That may not have been the smartest thing to do, but I didn’t have many options. So I said, “Lord, you are going to have to cover me on this one.” It was over 60 miles home, and the tire wobbled as I left the parking lot. As I brought the car up to a higher speed, I inquired of the Lord what to do? The Holy Spirit reminded me of Tammy’s earlier words to Josiah, “I will get you through this, but you have to do your part.” I was prompted that my part in this was to be steady and drive exactly 60mph – “do not delay and drive 58 or 59mph or and do not be anxious and drive 61or 62 mph.” Do you know what a challenge it is to drive for over an hour with a digital dash flashing the speed in your face, and with no cruise control? But I drove the hour plus drive home exactly at 60mph. I thought to myself, ‘wouldn’t it be a great testimony if the tire gets me all the way home but blows in the driveway? – that could only be a God thing.’  Five miles from home, the tire indicator light came on, but I kept my 60mph pace. I drove into the driveway and the seam in the tire let go! The “fact” was there is no way that tire should have made it home, but the “truth” is that nothing is impossible with God.

As I thought too about other events earlier in the week, the “facts” were the demands of work were “what did you do for me today?” and the world was mocking that everything was “oh so seven seconds ago”, but the “truth” is that we are only given 24 hours in a day, and I was going full speed for 21 of those hours.

The “fact” is that Josiah’s kidney’s failed, but the “truth” is that Josiah is healed, however God chooses to provide the miracle. The “facts” are not the “truth” in the Kingdom of God, because He is not bound by man’s capacity, perspective or understanding. Funny thing about life …