(Josiah’s latest Caring Bridge Post: Dialysis Month 3 Week 2 Day 1)

Today we have officially put in 130 hours of dialysis, not counting hospital stays & days away from family in between. We currently remain in transition, not knowing much more than we have for the past month, walking out this journey in faith one day at a time.

We had an interesting adventure home for the weekend last Friday that has everything to do with all that’s at work in this season. Our original plan was for all of us to rendevous for a nice relaxing meal & a catch-up visit prior to Kevan returning to RHM with Josiah, Joci, & Jadan for the weekend, while I headed home for a needed break from it all. Instead, the engine belt on the car I was driving broke in the midst of Friday rush hour traffic. The power steering went first. Next, the heater shut off as a safety measure, & finally, the red light began flashing “system failure” & all of the bells & whistles from oil lights to you name it went off. I pulled off at the first exit available & called Kevan. He assessed the situation, bought the appropriate belt & headed our way. It took about an hour for Kevan & Jadan to replace the belt in the freezing rain (yes, it was snowing/raining throughout the day). By that time, Jadan had to get to his rehearsal & our meal plans together were obviously altered. Kevan then made a call to locate another part, since the bearing was squealing. He attempted to drive the car to pick up that part, but only made it a few miles before the new belt broke again, & a tow was in order. Keep in mind, we started our day with dialysis treatment at 8:30 a.m., Josiah can not eat until after dialysis (of which we were supposed to meet each other for the meal we didn’t get to have), & we were all sitting in stuffed cars with luggage & no heat in the freezing rain. After the tow, we finally grabbed a quick meal & everyone headed off to our designated locations for the weekend, having lost the entire afternoon & evening by this time. I am confident our Lord is a Redeemer of time, expense, etc….somehow, someway….

In February, Josiah had a system failure. Our bodies function similarly to a car, where every part impacts the others, & in order for the whole to function properly everything has to be in perfect alignment. This journey for Josiah has to do with kidney failure, but it also has to do with his complete wholeness & the good plans the Lord has for Josiah mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically. The Lord desires for every facet of Josiah to function in perfect alignment with His will. For those of you who are intercessors, read between the lines & pray accordingly to Holy Spirit leading, as there are many details that accompany being born in a foreign country where the spirit realm is not necessarily focused on the Kingdom of Light, malnourishment, abuse & abandonment, being raised in an orphanage during formative years along with 45 other kids who have had similar journeys, & yet being chosen by the God of the Universe for a Kingdom call to overcome all of those details. Josiah has been adopted twice (into our family & into the Kingdom of Heaven) & prophesied over a number of times with a call to evangelize the nations; he most definitely has the personality to walk out his call. Like each of us, however, we have to choose the identity & the plan our Heavenly Father has called us to, & He is eternally patient & merciful with us in yielding our will to His. The Father’s heart is for Josiah to be healed generationally, culturally, & to turn everything the enemy meant for Josiah’s harm to good. We have currently been ‘towed’ in for repair. To creatively heal Josiah’s kidneys is an easy task for the Creator of the Universe. Abba Father is most concerned with Josiah choosing Him & His plans above all else, enlarging his faith to be healed mentally, emotionally, spiritually AND physically, & in perfect alignment with Heaven here on earth. There is a battle in the Heavenlies over each & every child that belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven. We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb & the word of our testimony, as you unite your prayers & faith with ours!

In the waiting, anything to do with the donor end of this journey is yet unknown, therefore we will continue including donor information with each post, simply because we know the Lord has a good plan, and works out every detail beyond our wildest imaginations, especially in our unknowing yet believing 🙂

We are praying for healthy individuals between the ages of 18-55 who are willing to be tested as possible donors, to call the transplant center at 612-625-5115, Ext. 1, and have their names put on Josiah Sorenson’s possible donor list any time: the sooner the better, as we would like to get that ball rolling, since the entire journey takes time; whether it’s waiting on the Lord’s supernatural healing intervention or proceeding with all that is involved in transplant preparation. The transplant center will instruct any willing donors at the onset of an initiated phone call. Until we receive supernatural intervention, we walk out this journey in the natural as directed, preferring to proceed as quickly as possible.