‘Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven…’

There are multitudes of people who pray this prayer every week…who pray this prayer every day, including me. I’m specifically asking today, Lord, that You would release Your Kingdom…Your will…on the Earth as it is in Heaven through the vast and amazing array of creative arts You have created, gifted and skilled, to be seen across Earth as they are seen and heard throughout Heaven…more vividly than they have ever been seen or heard here on Earth before…a transformed level of Resurrection Blood empowered, Holy Spirit empowered, Light-filled anointing, for the specific purpose of healing throughout the Earth: healing of physical bodies, healing of minds, healing of emotions, and healing of spirits. Empower us, Holy Spirit, to see and hear new sounds, new colors, new movement, and new creative frequencies/words in awe-of-You-filled manifestations…the vibrations and frequencies of Heaven being released on the Earth through Your sons and daughters.

Jesus, You suffered & died not for sin alone, but You were also bruised & beaten beyond recognition for healing…by Your stripes we have been/ARE/are being healed. Your Word says so & Your Word is Truth. You promise deliverance from hidden snares, deadly pestilence, terrors by night, arrows by day, destruction, plagues, lions, cobras, young lions, serpents, & an endless list of the enemy’s evil schemes. You promise to be our refuge, our fortress, our deliverer, our faithful shield & bulwark, our dwelling place, our guard, our strength, our protector, our rescuer, our security, our safety, our satisfaction, our salvation, long life, honor, authority & an endless list of Your goodness & Your good plans.

We ask for such an intimacy with You that we can be trusted as Your friends to release Your healing – all that You alone are in us…one-by-one & to the multitudes – manifesting all glory unto You…that every nation, tribe & tongue will bow before You & confess You alone are truly King of kings & Lord of lords. Thank You, Father, that through the eternal blood of Jesus alone, & in His eternal Light alone, ALL of Your promises are ‘Yes, & Amen!”

Below is taken from a recent Caring Bridge post while waiting on our youngest son’s healing:

The pediatric kidney center is full this a.m.. More new patients, all very young, entering this bizarre world of sickness, which I know is not the heart nor the will of our Heavenly Father. We are surrounded daily by parents/kids/families battling ravaging disease. Bottom line: we need to be angry at the enemy & tap into the flow of deep, trustworthy intimacy & identity in relationship with Jesus, who came to destroy these very works of Satan. Sickness & disease, not to mention all of the hours, weeks, months & years of stolen time, finances, relationships, joy, peace, etc…are the very works of the enemy Jesus came to earth to destroy…to overcome (1 John 3:8, Revelations 12:11). This is a surreal world (seen realm) in which the promises of Psalm 91, which I know are true (unseen realm), need to manifest (seen realm). Every single child belongs to their Heavenly Creator…every single child has been sent as a gift from Heaven. Every single family needs to personally encounter their Savior, Healer, Deliverer, & Restorer: Jesus.

Jesus, You have always been the answer. You ARE the only answer. You will always be the answer. Release who You are through the arts.