More Heroes

Written 13 minutes ago

Our family is wholeheartedly grateful to Betsy & Lindsay Sorenson, who came to Minneapolis last week specifically to give our family a medical breather. Lindsay, a pilot for United, flew from Bogota, Columbia, while Betsy flew from Bozeman, Montana, in the midst of purchasing a new house & moving, simply because that was the week Kevan & I requested when they offered. Kevan & I had registered in January to go to a worship congress in St. Louis (before any of Josiah’s kidney journey manifested), so Betsy & Lindsay covered dialysis & all of the other needs on this end of our journey so we could be refreshed & empowered for the next leg of Josiah’s journey. We are heartfelt & eternally grateful to them both, & there are no words to express that gratitude…simply more heros along the way!We have had a bump in Josiah’s journey, which is causing us to go deeper into prayer for revelation concerning the details. Joci has to have another series of tests & another day of doctoring regarding some concerns in their findings of her as a possible donor. As far as we are aware, Joci is the only one who has offered to donate a kidney to Josiah, therefore, if she is unable to be a donor, this whole donor process starts all over again. Please lift up Joci & all of those details, as we need the Lord’s clarity.

While we were at the worship congress, I was given a vision of Josiah’s left kidney growing. The entire group (from all over the U.S.) stood in agreement over Josiah’s kidney being healed (miracle grow), rather than a transplant. Josiah has to step into his part in faith regarding his miracle. Josiah’s faith is significant in this journey, because in Matthew 13:58, Jesus attributed healing to being activated by faith.. This is not about our faith, it’s about Josiah’s. Kevan & I were sent to St. Louis for a strategic corporate worship gathering to bring this request before His Body in faith (He even arranged for relief troupes on this end for us in order to do so). These are the prayers we set before you in agreement.

Thanks so much again to the Montana Sorensons!!!