Earlier this week received a call from our daughter’s transplant team: she cannot be our son’s donor, due to her young age in conjunction with the factor 11 deficiency flag they discovered in her screening process; this surgery, one she does not need to have, would involve an unnecessary risk. (Read Jocilyn’s response below.) In month five of this journey our family is on, we begin again. We did place Josiah on the deceased donor list two weeks ago, but the wait time is six months to five years. We believe the Lord revealed some necessary information that He has already turned to good.

Josiah will need another central line surgery & other precautions for more long term care to prevent the risk of infection, therefore, we have talked with his social worker/doctors about getting that scheduled, as well as checking further into all of our options for long term dialysis, including the option of shifting his care closer to home, as we don’t know know long this journey will continue, & Mom needs to be available to finish up Joci’s senior year in the midst of all this.

Pray for the social workers, doctors, & for our family, as to how to continue in the midst of these difficulties we find ourselves. We know Father God is good…always, & that He will turn all things to good some how some way…it is His nature & will to grow Josiah’s kidney – suddenly – problem solved. In the meantime, our social worker suggested approaching the church for possible donors? Any compassionate individuals out there feeling the Lord’s prompting to give generously to a sixteen year boy in need of a kidney? Since he has not transplanted before, the donor match is generally more flexible, due to his current number of antibodies.

We are greatly in need of healthy individuals between the ages of 18-55 with blood type O who would be willing to be tested as possible donors. Please call the transplant center at 612-625-5115, Ext. 1, and request to be put on Josiah Sorenson’s possible donor list ASAP. The screening process is very thorough (i.e., even the slightest unnecessary risk to the donor, i.e. Joci, they will not do the surgery).

The transplant center will further instruct any willing donors at the onset of an initiated phone call. Until we receive supernatural intervention, we walk out this journey in the natural as directed, & anything living donor related is now in ASAP mode, as we have entered month five of Josiah’s journey.

Jocilyn’s Perspective

Dear family and friends,

So, after all the fun doctor appointments and needle pokes these last couple of months, my transplant team has determined that I cannot be my brother’s kidney donor. (I was definitely disappointed . ) I am a match and met all the requirements, but some of my labs revealed that I have a mild case of factor 11 deficiency. Not to worry, it is not life threatening! It just means that I would be at a higher risk of bleeding during an operation, such as a kidney transplant, or if I was severely wounded. The surgeons do not know exactly how factor 11 affects me, considering I have never undergone surgery, so they have chosen to not risk my health and safety. Even though I was thoroughly disappointed, I still believe that my brother can be healed, whether it be through the maturation of his kidneys or through a transplant. All that said, I want to thank every person that has placed me in their prayers and thoughts while my family and I waited for the outcome. I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH!


P.S. If you or someone you know is interested in being a potential donor for my brother, Josiah Sorenson, you can contact the kidney transplant center at 612-672-7270. To anyone that feels led to pursue this, whether it be for my brother or for someone else, THANK YOU SO MUCH!