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SoundExpression-02What Does A Sound Healing Therapist Do?

I work with music. Sound is everywhere, and music is able to engage people at all levels. Specifically, I analyze body frequencies. My baseline tool is a VoiceBio, which provides a frequency measurement. This profile is used to create music specific to individual needs; the human voice reveals much of what’s transpiring within emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Once specific needs are identified, I spontaneously create a musical piece tailored to the client’s body’s frequency needs, whether it be enhancement, support or de-stressing. Clients in my sessions have often referred to this experience as likened to receiving a sound massage.

If any of the following questions pertain to your needs, you may want to consider Sound Healing Therapy and Sound Expressions music:


  • Are you or is someone you know have difficulty sleeping?
  • Are you stressed about finances, relationships, health, work, school, or circumstances?
  • Are you being emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually stretched or exhausted?
  • Are you needing to find peace and rest in the busyness of life, needing a break from the daily routine of life to soak in a sound massage?
  • Are you struggling with stuck emotions, depression or grief?
  • Do you need a fresh perspective?
  • Are you experiencing difficult life situations (sickness, disease, death, stress, anxiety, grief)?
  • Do you or someone you know need music that ushers peace and calming into daily life?
  • Are you caught up in a medical treadmill and looking for alternative options?
  • Are you in need of prayer specific to your needs?

Customized Sessions Available 
$85 Initial Session includes VoiceBio and Personalized Song CD
$50 Per Additional Session/Hour/Song

*See Contact Information Page to Book A Session or Event Today!