A week ago our family was blessed to do an arts express’d gathering at our dear friends, Evangelist Crusaders Church, in the Twin Cities. The same weekend I attended the Uprising Prophetic Conference with Jason Upton at Redeeming Love Church in Maplewood, MN. The following Tuesday our KHOP (see details on the home page of this site or at www.TheArtsExpressed.com) met for our weekly pursuit of the Lord’s heart and will to be expressed through the kids and their parents (the elementary and junior high aged children and youth are being given many visions, Scriptures and prayers, as well as new songs and art; moms, too). Three different scenarios of gatherings in the Body of Christ on three different occasions, yet the Holy Spirit was speaking something very similar needing to be received by all ages. Regardless of the varying aspects that occurred throughout these moments in time, the Lord purposed to bring to the forefront a peace that passes all understanding and a picture of Him dancing with His children. (A similar revelation occurred at the Living Waters Church Women’s Retreat in Elk River the weekend prior.)

At the arts express’d gathering, a supernatural peace permeated the atmosphere; we experienced the depths of His love beyond words or description. In the midst of everything screaming all around us in this nation trying to stir up fear, worry, anxiety, stress, darkness and hopelessness, Father God showed up through Holy Spirit and defied it all. The children got visions of angels, the youth got revelation of the depth of Christ’s love, and the adults were brought back to precious moments when they first encountered Jesus Christ. The art varied from angels around the throne and around us, to a poem expressing the deep conflict Christian youth struggle with today, to a portrait of Jesus’ face that expressed the depths of His sacrificial love, and a beautifully detailed sketch of Psalm 23. The music brought it full circle to our Daddy God dancing with each one of His children.

At the prophetic conference, the first thing I noticed was a 4-5 year old girl alternating prophetic dance with beautifully colored flags. There was purpose in every move and with every color. Jason Upton’s daughter, Emma, (again 5-6?) had such an anointing on her as she prophetically danced on stage while her daddy sang at the piano. Every once in awhile she’d run over to the piano bench and give her daddy a hug and kiss and then continue on her way dancing. He’d put his arm around her in the mist of playing the keyboard and singing. This image will be forever etched in my mind as a picture of Father God sitting on His Throne, being who He is and doing what He does, and totally acknowledging, receiving and loving it when one of His children comes running to sit next to Him to give Him a hug and a kiss in the midst of it all. In the spirit, I saw her dancing with Daddy God. Towards the end of the final evening of worship there was a group of about 8-10 preschoolers who were dancing with Jesus (if you’ve read The Shack, I believe there is a similar scene to what we witnessed that evening).

At KHOP I shared about the kids and the dance. While we prayed, shared what He was revealing, read Scripture, prophesied and sang new songs the Lord again revealed a picture of each one of us dancing with Jesus, bringing the whole thing full circle. I have personally been blessed several times this past year with a vision of myself dancing in the arms of Jesus; tears of deep love are generally the result, and I have truly gained an understanding of what it means to be “undone.”

As one season has come to an end and as a new one begins, the Lord has truly been zeroing in on His children having deep, intimate revelation of how very much we are loved as sons and daughters of the Most High God. He wants to dance with His children of all ages. He wants us to feel safe in His arms. He wants Psalm 91 to be a reality that stares in the face of the unrest going on all around us in our nation and throughout the world. When we truly grasp an understanding of who Christ in us has made us to be – accepted by our Father’s love and safe in our Daddy’s arms – there is nothing that can take that away (Romans 8:37-39). This revelation also solidifies the confidence to approach His throne room of grace boldly to ask for whatever is on His heart and whatever is His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven for each and every day, as we continue to move toward interesting times.

These precious gatherings where we have been so intimately touched with His love and presence have been training His children to understand the depth of His love, our identity in Christ, and developing our ability to see and hear with the eyes and ears of our spirits; building confidence in who we are and in our supernatural giftings (giftings that will be used to edify, exhort and bring comfort to those who need to know the Lord sees, knows and loves each one – 1 Corinthians 14:3). Those who know who they are in Christ, stand secure as chosen sons/daughters, purpose to know and hear His voice and to be obedient to what He is speaking will soon be powerfully released out into a plentiful harvest that needs to know God their Creator continues to love each and every person so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to willingly sacrifice His life for each and every one; individually and personally (John 3:16). (He is releasing the same revelation to the youngest saints!)

What an exciting season for the Body of Christ! The anticipation and expectation in my spirit of the most powerful move of the Holy Spirit (the greater works Jesus talked about in John 14:12) about to be birthed multi-generationally, multi-denominationally and multi-culturally (that we may be one remains on His heart – John 17:1) feels similar to being 9 months pregnant and past due (our first child was two weeks overdue so I really do know what that feels like). Since the Lord doesn’t live in time as we know it, however, we can count on Him to not be early (before we’re ready) and for sure never late. While we wait in faith with childlike expectancy of what He is about to do, take the time every day to dance in your Daddy’s arms…remember to continually take time all the days you walk this earth to dance in your Daddy’s arms; His Divine dance has begun. In that place, everything else just fades away, and there’s a world longing to personally experience that revelation.