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Attention Homeschoolers/Book Lovers: 

I homeschooled from preschool through high school (read much to babies/toddlers/preschoolers), have many of the recommended reading books for ages/grade levels preschool through high school – was a Sonlight curriculum purchaser for many of those years, which is literature based), as well as having been an avid reader of classics, inspirational/devotional/spiritual, complete sets, character education & parenting books…I literally have an eclectic library of curriculum & books, much of which is in excellent condition. I also have an amazing, excellent selection of math manipulatives/science equipment/experiments for all ages…my collection enlarged over the years homeschooling six kids, yet it is time to regroup as the season has changed. We are in the process of starting to downsize.

Story books to teach the basic subjects of language, math, history, science, character, Bible & every other topic, including just-for-fun popular readers/authors – $1
Paper backs/chapter books of every topic/author imaginable – $2
Hard covers/chapter books/classics – $5
Hard cover collections/collectables/classics/treasures – $10
Eclectic Variety of Curriculums – $10 to 50% off new prices
Tubs of an immense variety of math manipulatives for all preschool – elementary ages
Tubs of sciences equipment/experiments
Tubs of art supplies

Attention Children’s Ministries, Homeschoolers, Puppet Ministries/Lovers:

I am selling all of my amazing, excellent condition, children’s puppet ministry puppets worth $3000 if you were to buy new (One Way Street & Mark Harper Ministry Puppets), for $1700. This includes all of the rod arms to go with the puppets. I will consider selling puppet sets, as well as individual puppets. They have been grouped into large people puppets (Set #1 $735), large/full-size animal/other puppets/costumes ($790), & small animal puppets ($200). I also have a ton of rich Bible based children’s ministry curriculums that sell new anywhere from $80-$120 each for half price – pick a topic & I have a curriculum on it & they all include puppet skits to go with the teaching. See attached photos below of the puppets. You can Google the new prices at One Way Street Ministries or Mark Harper Ministries, as that’s where they were all purchased from.

A photo of the puppet sets can be emailed if contacted, otherwise they are posted on Facebook.

*See contact information if interested.