Merry Christmas!

To all who sent cards…thank you so very much! (I humbly apologize for not sending cards this year.) This Christmas was quite different for our family…a good different after all we’ve journeyed through in 2013. We were blessed to have Jaran home for 5 days prior to Christmas, and shared much love, great conversations, games, music (we got to play together again – such a gift I deeply miss, but was so very thankful for a brief kiss in time again), laughter, food, a few gifts, & many hugs…it was all so very good & passed by all too quickly! On Christmas Eve, both Jaran & Jessa left, so it was rather quiet for Kevan, me, Jadan, Joci & Josiah, after many years of a large family, music, Christmas services, etc.. Five – the number for His grace. We had good sharing/prayer time quietly in His presence at home. We approach 2014 in absolute faith, thankfulness, and trust in our Heavenly Father’s grace, His love, His goodness, & in who Christ is as our Resurrection & Life Eternal; in Him as our Restoration manifesting beginning in 2014! Thank you to all who have prayed us through a very difficult year/season, and to all who have shared encouragement, food, and gifts of kindness and generosity.

May His Presence – Immanuel – God with us: Holy Spirit, who guides us into all truth, through the blood and the light of Christ/Yeshua/Messiah – manifest increasingly in every area of each of your lives in this Hebrew year of the open door (5774) & in 2014!