An Invitation and a Strategic Call to Praise! MN!

Saturday, July 18, 2009 from noon until midnight has been declared a
day for people of all ages all across the state of MN to release a
strategic sound of praise to the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings!
This statewide event is sponsored by the MN Houses of Prayer and the MN
Strategic Coalition, who have put forth a clarion call to focus on the
greatness and majesty of our Lord; to create a canopy of praise over
our state that will shift the spiritual atmosphere not only in MN but
in our nation for such a time as this!

Every individual, every family, every prayer group, every house of
prayer, every worship team, every ministry…every one who loves Father
God, Jesus our Lord and Savior, and Holy Spirit our Teacher, is
exhorted to praise Him wherever we are and with whomever we’re with: in
our homes, driving in the car, on vacation, in our churches, at work,
at the lake, at Sonshine Festival in Willmar (how awesome that these
two events fell on the same weekend!)…

Praise Him with instruments, with cds, acapella, with dancing, with
art, with writing, with any and all of the creative art forms…praise
Him for His goodness and for who He is: He is holy, He is exalted and
He is worthy to receive all honor, all glory, all power and all praise!
This is not a time to ask, but rather it is a time set aside to give
Him our whole heart, soul, mind and strength (He already knows our
every need and He has already provided every answer!).

Declare through praise and worship that Jesus Christ is truly Lord
of MN…that He is Lord of this nation! Declare He is Lord of Creation
and He IS the love of this generation! Declare His rule and reign is
over MN and over our nation! Shout, exclaim, declare, and proclaim an
explosion of sound that shifts the focus in MN and in our nation to the
Kingdom of God. Praise Him that His Kingdom IS come, that His will IS
done in MN, in the U.S.A., and in all the nations of the earth, as it
is in Heaven! Praise Him for His glory covering the earth!

Praise Him for the leaders He is raising up in MN and in this nation
to lead with His heart, His will and His Kingdom purposes! Praise Him
for His wisdom, understanding, counsel, might and knowledge! Praise Him
for redemption, reconciliation and restoration! Praise Him for His
glory and dominion over the mountains of government, economy, media,
education, family, arts and celebration, and religion!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime, especially in this
critical season, to spend time praising the One, true God of the
Universe. Praise Him and thank Him for intimate relationship being
made available to all through the precious shed blood and selfless love
of His Son, Jesus Christ, through the power of Holy Spirit. He alone
deserves every minute of our time, every thought that we think, and
every gift we’ve been given. There is nothing more important we could possibly be doing
than spending time in His presence and
giving Him the glory and thanksgiving He is due!