Jaran Family Ministries (www.jaranministries.com), the previous ministry behind The Arts Express’d, has been blessed to be a family ministry for the past 28+ years, and even more so, over the past 15+ years, as our children have grown up being an integral part of our past ministry. However, we like most in the Body of Christ, have been and are currently in transition. We are in the place of receiving new assignments, and are being sent out in a variety of new ways. As we transition into this next season, www.jaranministries.com will become a biographical and teaching site, and The Arts Express’d will begin to function in various new dimensions.

Our drummer, guitarist, song writer and audio production specialist, Jaran, will continue to be available periodically, but is plugging in at Substance Church in Fridley/Roseville on a more regular basis, as well as following the Lord’s leading for his own calling. Our bassist, guitarist and songwriter, Jadan, will also continue to be available to The Arts Express’d, but is additionally pursuing his own personal call at the Lord’s leading to plug into Evangelist Crusaders in South Minneapolis, Substance Youth Group Worship Band, and the Kelli Rae band; he is also studying graphic design and developing his artistic giftings.  Our singer, keyboardist and dancer, Jessa, will be involved in both The Arts Express’d and Substance Youth Group Worship Band; she is adding the study of photography to her giftings. Jenna, Jocilyn and Josiah will be a part of The Arts Express’d as well; Jenna pursuing art, intercession, missions and spiritual gifts; Jocilyn pursuing prophetic dance, creative writing and spiritual gifts; and Josiah pursuing the Word, evangelism and spiritual gifts.

Tammy is currently seeking, receiving and writing specific and detailed revelation from the Lord concerning The Arts Expressed. “Who,” “what,” “why,” and “how” have been revealed, while details pertaining to “when” and “where” are still in progress. When all of the specifics have been completely revealed by the Lord, they will be added to this site, as well as some of the teachings on www.jaranministries.com. Tammy will be teaching The Arts Express’d more independently (equipping the equippers), along with prophetic psalming and worship (imparting, calling forth, activating and releasing gifts in those being equipped to equip others). Kevan will continue to be involved in all of the preceding aspects, as revealed and led by the Lord.

Thank you for your patience and for your prayers as we seek Jesus first; His Kingdom and His righteousness. We know that all things will be added unto us (Matthew 6:33) for the glory of His name!