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Your Journey My Journey Our Journey

Authored by Jessa Sorenson

In day to day life, it can be easy to get caught up in a routine that makes us comfortable. We can lose ourselves in what life is instead of what life should be. This book is about placing your identity in Christ and learning how to apply Godly thinking so you are living life abundantly, effectively, and walking in your purpose. If you picked up this book, it means you’re willing to go through the process of change. What you desire to see in your life begins with a change in you.

“Jessa’s journey has truly given her immense wisdom and perspective that is impressive for a woman of age 24, and she shares her personal story with you to help you on your journey.”  Tiffany Trawick

Jessa Sorenson- friend, mentor, writer, singer, photographer – has a passion for helping people find security in God’s love. Known for her philanthropy, her music, and personal business in the Minneapolis area, there’s not one thing this woman pursues without heart.

“It’s OUT. Crazy how a year ago, this was just an idea on my vision board. He makes all things possible! My devo is for both men and woman. I discuss topics our generation struggles with…from pursuing passion, embracing where He has you, relationships, sex, identity, and living effectively. My hope is that you don’t just read my experiences or simply read the words on the pages. I want you guys to see change and see God show up in YOUR life. Love you all 💖” Jessa

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