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Is your intentional parenting vision about raising your children to be good people, to have a good education, a good job, a family, happiness, i.e. the American dream? Is your parenting vision about raising your children to contribute to society, to be good church attendees, or to lead and carry on the political or religious views, or generational traditions you are teaching them? Or is your parenting vision less cultural, traditional, theological, or political, and much more radical? Say…a wholehearted desire to train them up in the ways of the Word, in the power of Jesus Christ, and to be led by Holy Spirit, to be our Heavenly Father’s sons and daughters advancing the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth in every mountain of culture: government, education, business, media, arts & entertainment, family, and church?

I will be casting vision for parents who understand their children to be our Heavenly Father’s gifts to lovingly steward from the womb to leaving the nest, with a desire to raise them up as:

1) Spirit and Truth worshipers;
2) sons and daughters who are secure in their Christ-centered identity;
3) intimately knowledgeable of both the Word and the Spirit (recognize and follow Holy Spirit’s voice);
4) seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness;
5) nurtured, equipped and skilled in every natural and spiritual gifting from a young age to live life here on the Earth for the Lord’s glory;
6) passionate about preparing the way for the return, rule, and reign of King Jesus on the Earth;
7)  confident in and yielded to Holy Spirit leading, aligned with the Word, as our Heavenly Father’s vessels advancing His Kingdom on the Earth NOW, i.e. all the days of their lives.

I will soon be launching a video teaching series specific to parents whose desire is to steward their children for the Lord in ALL His good plans and purposes for each one. Everything I convey/cast vision about will be validated by Scripture. If one does not believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, Jehovah God as our loving Heavenly Father, eternal salvation and overcoming victory through Jesus Christ, nor the power of Holy Spirit, stop here. I am called to cast vision on behalf of those who desire to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness, resulting in lives lived radically for the King of kings and the Lord of lords on Earth as it is in Heaven; on behalf of the children in every nation in this generation.

I am truly excited and called as a spiritual mother, i.e. a spiritual mentor/worshiper/intercessor/psalmist/teacher, on behalf of this generation longing for His Presence in the power of His Word to be their entire lens/testimony for this life in all things. More information soon!

In the meantime, check out The Children’s Heart Cry on this website under Latest Products on the left sidebar to get a 2018 head start with this journey in a new season. The Children’s Heart Cry is also available on Amazon! I am also currently working on a holistic frequency infused spontaneous Holy Spirit led CD release for children. Parents/teachers will be encouraged to incorporate this CD into car time, study time, quiet time, creative time, bed time, etc.. More information soon!