In 2017, I was led to create a short video for which I was given very specific words and pictures to include (YouTube Link: The Children’s Heart Cry). The content of the video contained foundational tools we are to be teaching, i.e. equipping, the children and youth of this generation, as both their present and future depends on knowing each word (truth), discerning each word (truth), and functioning in each word (truth) intimately. Rather than false love, political, social, and sexual indoctrination that condones confused, unstable, ungrounded, angry, and insecure identities in children and youth at younger and younger ages, the focus of The Children’s Heart Cry (YouTube Link) is centered around Kingdom of Heaven love, identity, gifting and purpose; precisely what Jesus demonstrated for us to BE and made available to all. I then wrote The Children’s Heart Cry (Look Inside Link) as a curriculum, i.e. an equipping manual, for parents and teachers who are called to equip the up and coming generations in BE-ing the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Broken nations and multitudes of hurting, lost people are crying out for revelation; for justice, mercy, kindness, love, acceptance, etc. that can only be found in one place: intimately knowing the love of our Heavenly Father through the love demonstrated by His Son in the power of His Word and His Spirit. We can debate and protest the symptoms of current tragic and bizarre events for the rest of eternity and at best come up with bandaids. Unless we correct our current course of WHAT we are teaching our children, man’s temporal solutions will only create more eternal problems.

It’s time for a generation of parents and teachers to receive a revelation of how to truly change the course of a nation for the good. The enemy of our souls has already used this present generation to change our nation’s course to our detriment in the name of humanism and progressivism. There is truly only one solution for all of life’s problems and He must be introduced to the children of this generation. His luggage (all that He is and all that He purchased on behalf of all mankind) must be unpacked early on in their lives in order for them to truly be rooted and grounded in His love. Instead of simply entertaining our children with good stories and fun activities, we need to take them to ‘practice’ every single day, just like we do for hockey, soccer, football, basketball, karate, dance, music lessons, etc. or they won’t be prepared, skilled, or able to play in the game of this life. Parents and teachers understand both the age and time investment on behalf of their children when it comes to sports or music. Instead of letting the public education system, movies, television, music, video games, peers, and social media teach your children to turn away from their Heavenly Father and His ways that protect, nurture, and equip them for this life, we need to take the tiger by the collar or the bull by the horns, and deal with the elephant in the room by becoming the champions of both our own children and those who have not been given a fair shake in life’s circumstances, turning them toward their Heavenly Father every minute of every day.

Instead of teaching them to condone peers who are lost in the perversion of their sexuality and false identities, we need to teach them to love their peers with the love of Christ so powerfully and so selflessly that Holy Spirit Himself can do the convicting they have a Heavenly Father who loves each one in the power of His Son infinitely; that He has much better and bigger plans for each of their lives and only desires they receive, trust, and follow HIS leading in the power of HIS love, rather than the culture’s or self.

It’s time for another Reformation. Reformation begins when parents and teachers understand the generational ramifications of their current choices, views, and priorities. Reformation begins one family at a time having Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as their priority 100% of the time. Since Jehovah God IS love, since His love was demonstrated through the life/sacrifice/resurrection of His Son, Jesus, who modeled what His love looks like in every Word and action, and since every single individual on the planet desires and needs love, this mission is a no brainer. Parenting the generations truly is a mission, i.e. a calling, that we can no longer fail at. Check out The Children’s Heart Cry for a comprehension look at how to be a champion for this generation of children and youth. It matters eternally…it really does.