If ever there was a time to sound the alarm, gather the elders, gather the people, cry out to God to take back all the enemy has stolen, and stand in faith for a holy visitation (Joel 2), it’s for such a time as this: the theme for National Day of Prayer 2010. If every family took a portion of this day or even the entire day to pray – in their homes, in their neighborhoods, and in the communities in which the Lord has placed them – on behalf of our nation, who so desperately needs to return to the One, true living God…on behalf of our nation, who needs to humble herself, cry out for mercy, and for her Healer and Restorer to manifest…if every family decreed the land in which they have been placed as belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven, and cried out for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done right in that very place…wouldn’t the power of the unity of His sons and daughters throughout the nation shift something for the glory of His name???

Don’t let this day, May 6, 2010, or the privilege of this opportunity, National Day of Prayer, pass us by. The direction this nation is currently heading may not allow us to continue this precious freedom…but God!