We currently have two new drivers at our house who are learning to navigate the Twin Cities highway system. We recently experienced a 50-minute delay due to a missed exit and all of the navigational learning that accompanies such a mistake, especially when the following exit does not have a ramp back onto the interstate enabling one to correct the error efficiently. Praise God for my cell phone and for my husband having access to a computer and Map Quest, talking us through where we were to where we needed to be! We should have had a GPS along, but the last time I used “her,” I ended up in a secluded area not even remotely close to where I was headed, surmising “her” map data needed to be updated. So much for navigating on my own with a GPS!

I am so glad I don’t ever have to navigate where I am headed in this life on my own. Just as my husband was there to help us out, I am blessed to know my Heavenly Father, Jesus my Savior, and Holy Spirit as my GPS, Map Quest, and cell phone in traveling this journey I’m on. I am extremely thankful He knows exactly where I’m at and exactly where I’m going at all times. I am also humbly grateful He is NEVER confused, NEVER gets the directions mixed up or wrong, NEVER needs His good and perfect plans and purposes for me updated or revised, and that He will never lead me somewhere I am not supposed to go!

I am also abundantly blessed to have a Father in Heaven who is a dreamer. He is dreamer who imparts His dreams to those who love and seek Him. He desires to bring His dreams to Earth through us, His children. I believe the Lord has given me one of His dreams for this generation for such a time as this. My dream is such a God-sized dream it must be from Him because I can’t yet get my arms or my mind around how to do it. Every step of it will require His wisdom and leading, and I am intensely excited to pursue Him in this dream.

What is this dream? the arts express’d School of Worship Arts. Sounds simple enough, as there are many schools of worship and arts rising up. However, there is another significant piece to this dream: the fatherless and orphaned children and youth of the nations. I know He has a supernatural divine strategy to connect a school of worship and the prophetic arts to the fatherless and orphaned children and youth of the world.

Why? Because millions of abandoned and orphaned children throughout the world are daily experiencing Satan’s plans for their lives: poverty, sickness, abandonment, abuse, trafficking, persecution, and victims of war. I know the truth in my heart of hearts that Heaven has a plan to take back what the enemy has stolen from these precious ones; a plan to exchange the lies and destruction of the enemy for the Father’s truth about the life He purposed for each and every one:

Truth 1: the One, true, living God of Heaven and Earth loves me so much He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the price for me to be adopted as His son or daughter, and to live daily in His family of the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth. The Lord of the Universe, my Heavenly Father, has good purposes and plans for me.
2) I am a God idea, therefore, I am a good idea.
3) I have a gift within me.
4) I carry gifts the world needs. “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.” 2 Corinthians 4:7

(You can read about this further in the Introduction of my new book, No More Orphans!: visit the Store on this site for details.)

These millions of precious ones (147 million and counting) need to be introduced to Jesus, the greatest Hero of all time! My heart yearns to teach them to worship the true God of Heaven and Earth in spirit and in truth. Through the power of Holy Spirit, they can be taught to hear His voice. Through His Spirit poured out on them (Joel 2:28) and through His Word, they can walk in the revelation of their identity in Christ. They have been created to be His vessels pulling down Heaven’s heart, will, and supply to the Earth via supernatural and natural giftings. Through this position – abundant life in Christ – they are no longer fatherless, no longer orphans, and they hold within them the power to change their circumstances and their nation.

Why worship? Because there is something about worship that Jesus spoke of in John 4:23-24, and it’s time for this generation to grab hold of its revelation. There’s a war going on in the heavens over the souls of man and in the place of worshiping God alone, the enemy of our souls is defeated. Satan wants our worship and hates it when we give it to God alone. Why the arts? Because history has recorded in detail how music, art, literature, dance, architecture, etc. has influenced and transformed cultures and various historical periods. The combination of worship and arts can pull down the unseen economy, provision, and strategies of the glory of Heaven as revealed through the intercession of Jesus on behalf of all mankind. As the worship art forms flow through Kingdom vessels, expressing and declaring in this realm what is revealed by His Spirit, the nations will begin to transform from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light. (My new book, No More Orphans! discusses this in greater detail.)

This summer I am purposing to seek and to listen for the Lord to connect the dots of this dream into fruition. One of the ways He connects the dots is by connecting His Body. For this reason, I have written the vision down in my new book, No More Orphans!, and have now placed this article on this site for anyone He might lead to read it, possibly contributing a piece of revelation toward bringing this dream from Heaven to Earth on behalf of His precious ones!