At the prompting of the Lord, I recently emailed a dear friend, Marilyn, to ask if she was in need of refreshing, and if so, asked if she was up for an adventure. Her immediate email response was, “Yes, and yes!” I then proceeded to read in my Streams in the Desert devotional how significant people, including Jesus and his closest disciples, the disciples of the church of Acts, Martin Luther, and Joseph Park, to mention only a few, each had to go to a strategic place to seek and wait on the Lord God to encounter them and activate His purposes in and for them at His appointed times. This confirmation led to spontaneously traveling with my friend Marilyn to The Lord’s House in Woodstock, MN. I had previously heard what a blessing this house of prayer was, but had not yet been there. Since the Lord Himself had prompted and confirmed to me three times within a week to go, I set out with great expectation of encountering His presence, as well as for receiving needed direction for myself and my family.

Needless to say, The Lord’s House is absolutely beautiful, and His presence in this place He has established for Himself is incredibly amazing! The first couple of hours Marilyn and I sat on different floors worshiping, praying, reading His Word, waiting, and resting in His presence. I was then prompted to seek the owner of the house for prayer, at her request. (We also left our prayer requests in a special prayer request box in the upper room).

We all moved to the prayer corner, excited and blessed that this woman we had never met before desired to pray for us in this wonderfully peaceful and beautiful atmosphere. What transpired from there was a fresh word of direction, confirmation, and encouragement from the Lord Himself for both Marilyn and myself. This precious woman lifted up our names and asked the Lord to speak whatever He desired to speak over us separately, while the other of us took notes. She prayed things that only the Lord Himself could know. I have been asking very specific questions and needing very specific answers…I am always so blessed by His awesome ways and how He chooses to answer us…usually not how or what we expect. I had traveled there with the expectation of supernaturally encountering Him…I did encounter His supernatural presence and peace immensely, but He chose to speak direction through this sweet, gracious, unassuming woman of the house, and the tears streamed down both Marilyn and my faces. The words spoken over both of us were refreshing, instructive,  confirming, and encouraging to say the very least. We both left feeling ever-so-thankful for His promptings, and for His abundant guidance and blessings!

As we are quickly approaching the conclusion of the year 2010, I was excited to have confirmation of a conclusion to a lengthy and difficult personal season for our family…one that will usher in the beginning of something brand new He has been stirring and refining in our hearts and in our lives for a long time. I look forward to 2011 with such great anticipation and expectation! I will soon be doing a re-post of a prophetic word spoken by a young boy in our children’s ministry in December of 2006 that I truly believe we will see a manifestation of this Christmas, 2010, as glimpses of it have already begun to manifest. What an exciting time to walk the earth as a child of the King and His Kingdom!

Thank You, Lord, for our awesome trip to The Lord’s House in Woodstock, MN! Bless its caregivers abundantly! Draw many to encounter You in the very place You have established for Yourself! Thank You, also, for the wonderful time of refreshing, encouragement, and fellowship with Marilyn, whom I don’t get to visit with often enough. We were both humbled and so blessed to have experienced Your glory together in the midst of things in our natural circumstances not always looking or feeling so blessed! You are all You say You are, and we look forward to these days ahead when many will come to know You as King and Lord!

I encourage anyone reading this post to make plans to visit The Lord’s House. You WILL encounter Him in all His glory!

FYI: one of the things prayed over me was that I have been in a season of being “fine-tuned, like a piano,” and that I was “rolling with the instrument.” Interestly enough, I just completed my second piano recording this week – the very week we made our trip. I have also recently finished writing two new books. All of these projects have been “rolling along” and are part of bringing this season to a conclusion. They are also the very things that are about to usher in the new that’s just around the corner. Read specific details in the posts on this site about the new CD and both new books: The Journey, my newest piano CD project will be available on this site and through CD Baby within the next couple of weeks. The Journey of Adoption and I Am A Good Idea! are available now on this site as well as on