Our 17 year old son is a gifted musician, artist, and graphic designer. He spends many hours in the deep of night seeking the presence and counsel of the Lord. On one of his recent encounters, the Lord gave him a most intimate prayer with a vision of the eyes and face of a lion overlooking the earth. Our son decided to bless me for Christmas this year with a print of what the Lord had shown him. No words could adequately describe this priceless gift. The revelatory blue eyes and face of the Lion of Judah can be seen in the midst of a dark, yet star-lit sky. They are peering from Heaven’s view at the deep blue and white of the earth. Written across the earth are the following words:

Lion of Judah My Eternal King
Copyright Jadan Sorenson 2010

What is faith?
What does it mean to hope
For things we can’t see?
What love has there ever been like the one
Demonstrated by a King, whose splendor and riches
Are beyond imagination? What does it mean to trust
In something so foreign to this world and yet have it affect
Our lives so intimately? What does it mean to have a purpose;
A purpose that most men reject? What voice has ever been so strong
That it formed the masses of molecules with a single word?
And yet the same voice calls to me. Nothing more than whisper.
A single breath. The breath of a Lion, Whose eyes burn like sapphires.
Who is this King that rules over every moon and star?
Who is this King that knows every one of my thoughts;
Every sliver that leads to my very being? I’ve never felt a touch like His.
A touch with such passion, devotion, and sincerity.
It weakens me as I lift my head to face this King. My very core is shaken
With such power, overwhelmed with emotion as my eyes meet His.
As my eyes meet the First and Last. That Lion of Judah. My eternal King.