Hey everyone! Hyland (Jon, Ben, Steve, Mitch, and Jaran) has a free new song download off their upcoming new CD, and it is only available until the end of January! Radio play begins in the Twin Cities during the month of February. They need you to download the song, tell all your friends, and get the word out!

Who is Hyland? Hyland is a new artist on Tooth&Nail Records. Their debut album comes out May 3rd. Produced by Aaron Sprinkle, mixed by JR McNeely, mastered by Troy Spectre. Why are we promoting them? Because Jon, Ben, Mitch, Steve and Jaran are godly young men who love the Lord and are following His lead. Jaran is our oldest son 🙂 .

Head to www.facebook.com/hylandrock

‘like’ the page and click the pic under the offer tab to download the new version of ‘Jumping the Gun’

listen and tell them what you think.

Invite your friends to this event and spread the love!