Hyland has had $8000 donated from 200 people! That’s an average of $40 a donation! They’re beyond blessed!!! They had 23k worth of gear stolen. If they can raise between 10-12k in donations, they will be well on their way to recovery. Thank you SO much for giving. This is beyond anything they could have asked for!!! See the link at the end of this article to contribute.

Thanks Fox 9 News for covering this story:


We are posting a request for everyone to please pray for Hyland (our son, Jaran, is their current bass guitar player). Their trailer, containing ALL of their equipment and merchandise, was stolen from a church parking lot in Elk River this past weekend. If anyone feels led to donate any money or gear for them to use on their tour, which begins Wednesday, March 16, please send them a message at the link at the end of this post. It’s interesting to note that the name of their upcoming tour is called, The Overcome Tour.

Following is a detailed list of what was in their trailer: fender mike dirnt bass and case, fender ja-90 guitar and coffin case, fender telecaster deluxe ’72 reissue and case, 1986 gibson sg and guitar case, roland ax-7 keytar and coffin case, korg triton 61 key and keyboard bag, 5 guitar straps divided by 13, bass head with road case, 3 orange tiny terror 15watt heads, 8×10 ampeg bass cab, 2 4×12 orange speaker cabs, 2×12 orange speaker cab, 2 boss chromatic tuners, kork tuner, korg pitch black chromatic tuner, tube screamer overdrive pedal, sans amp deluxe, programable eventide time factor delay, pedal boss, compression sustainer pedal, skb p 48 pedal board, 2 damper pedals, keyboard stand, 20 foot midi cable, 4 20 foot instrument cables, 6 monster 20 foot cables, 1 planet wave cable, 2 wireless sennheiser packs, wireless midi, dw cymbal boom stand, risen snare drum, 21 inch zildjian sweet ride cymbal, 20 inch zildjian, A custom cymbal, 15 inch zildjian, mastersound high hat cymbals cymbal case, zildjian stick bag with sticks, shure in-ear monitors, tama rhythm watch click track in it, 8 space guitar boat, 6 stanley tool chest, merch bins, 1 merch table stickers, posters, cds, misc… 300 assorted “hyland tshirts’ 25 “hyland” black hoodies. Merchandise sales cover travel expenses.

Here is a link to contribute to Hyland getting back on their feet:


Here is a link to Hyland and a photo of their trailer: