The other day while in the midst of exercising, listening to Graham Cooke on ‘Becoming the Beloved,’ and half watching Fox News (yes, I am a multi-tasker), the Lord blessed me with an awesome revelation. Fox News happened to be reporting about a veteran’s cemetery, whose workers were no longer being allowed to express, ‘God Bless You’ or ‘God Bless Your Family,’ in corresponding with the families. They were being asked to replace those words with, ‘Peace Be With You,’ or ‘Peace Be With Your Family.’

I thought to myself, ‘where is this ridiculous agenda going to end,’ yet quickly got back in my spirit, that it doesn’t matter how many laws/regulations/policies they enact, because the name of Jesus can never be contained and will never be stopped! Jesus Christ dwells on Earth on the INSIDE of every Kingdom son and daughter. Regardless of whether or not we’re allowed to speak the actual names of God or Jesus, we have within us His very Spirit & ALL that encompasses through the whole of Truth contained in His very Word, and they will never be able to stop it! This truth Believers already know.

Yet, the Lord took this revelation to a deeper place that could only be seen and heard through the eyes and ears of my spirit (as opposed to my natural mind). He revealed to me that as we abide in Christ, we are able to speak and release the tangible manifestation of the very Prince of Peace (not just ‘peace’) into the vessel(s) or atmosphere in need, and by the power contained in His blood, His Spirit & His Word, through obedient sons and daughters in wholehearted relationship, the Peace He embodies will BE. There isn’t enough legislation or digital hard drive storage to contain all that He desires to BE through us as we carry Him into the very places trying to push Him out. The names of God…the names of Jesus in Scripture and revealed by His Spirit…are eternally infinite. They are without end! Because the Father is Lord, our Source, our Healer, our Deliverer, our Peace, Almighty, and every other good and perfect title, description and provision, through the blood of His Son, and by the power of His Spirit moving through His vessels on Earth…because He IS the very embodiment of everything Scripture says He is…there is absolutely no way to stop His Kingdom from advancing on the Earth through His Body. There is no list that can contain all that He is, and there is no way to push Him out of our nation, even though those who deny Him may be deceived into thinking they can.

It’s time for the Body of Christ to be walking in such alignment with His Spirit, and be so familiar with the Word, that as His vessels, at any given moment, in any circumstance, the specific names of Christ can be released as the very embodiment of whatever He reveals, and He will manifest on Earth as in Heaven through us. This is what the testing, trials and tribulations of this past season have been about: us proving ourselves faithful, wholehearted, obedient, and trustworthy with His nature in carrying His incredible, unstoppable authority and anointing wherever He sends us! No weapon formed against us or His Kingdom on Earth will ever prosper!

The movement to remove the One true living God Most High, and His resurrected Son, the living Christ Jesus (who sacrificed Himself in demonstration of His Father’s incredible love for all mankind) from this great nation (that belongs to Him and His Kingdom), will not remotely be able to legislate the infinite and all-powerful list of titles and amazing dimensions that our Heavenly Father, Savior and Lord are to and for them that believe! Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, mercy, grace, justice, Savior, Redeemer…there is no end to the release of manifesting who He is, nor to the advancing of His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. We are about to be honored and empowered with an increase of Him who has no end, in being part of the forcefully advancing manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth, that will lead to all the kingdoms of this world becoming the Kingdom of our God (Revelation 11:15)! And yes, that is why the Earth is increasingly groaning for the manifestation of the sons and daughters to be revealed (Romans 8:19). We have entered the season of preparation for His return (however many years that requires is not our concern).

Next time we hear or see something or someone trying to push out the name of our God, our Lord, Jesus, or trying to oppress or persecute Believers in Christ, instead of being discouraged, rise up as mighty warriors and release the Truth of who He is into that very circumstance. His truth and light will dispel the lies and the darkness. It will all become subject to His authority. His wisdom will prevail, and it will prevail through His very nature manifesting on Earth through His sons and daughters. This is such a time to be emboldened and encouraged, because we are walking straight into the days the prophets of old, like Isaiah and Daniel, saw and foretold! It’s time to speak life into this nation that is still one nation under God. As preparers of the Way, we are to speak the creative, powerful and life-giving words His very life died and rose to bring to Earth through us! Do I hear an ‘Amen?’