It’s official! The Arts Expressed will be opening it’s first equipping facility in Monticello, MN, beginning October 1. More details will follow in the coming weeks regarding location, classes, lessons, etc…

The Arts Expressed is a Christ-focused equipping center for the purpose of identifying and developing gifts, skills and talents in a variety of life areas, with an emphasis on music and the creative arts. The Arts Expressed will offer weekly music instruction, specializing in piano, guitar, and bass guitar, and weekly core classes entitled, ‘I Am A Good Idea,’ focusing on identy, the discovery of individual gifts and talents, and purpose. Monthly seminars will also be offered relating to music, creative arts, writing, graphic design, photography, gifting and talents, psalming, family, and adoption.

Included in our facility will be a bookstore with local authors’ and artists’ CD’s, books, art, photography, graphic design, jewelry, etc., and used homeschool and Christian living books. We will also offer instrument maintenance and repair, and used music equipment.

The Arts Expressed teaching methodology incorporates group instruction at the preschool, beginning and intermediate levels for piano, guitar and bass guitar. Note reading is offered at intermediate and advanced levels for piano, guitar, and bass guitar, as well as private instruction for learning to master the tools of musical excellence, skill and musicianship. Preschool music classes incorporate singing, creative movement, and rhythm/melodic ear training. The Arts Expressed’s unique music instruction methodology encompasses technical facility, ear training and musicianship, releasing individual creativity through spontaneous improvisation and original composition, i.e. creating music, rather than emphasizing reading the music of others. Our teaching method is designed to nurture and release creativity and in skill in students of every age: from the youngest of preschool and K-12 students, to adults of all ages.

I Am A Good Idea classes focus on identity, discovering individual gifts, and purpose. I am a good idea because I am God’s idea. I have been created by my Heavenly Father with unique gifts, interests and talents. The gifts in me are to be identified, equipped, and released for Kingdom purposes to use throughout my entire life.

The Arts Expressed instructor’s biographies are detailed under ‘About Us’ on this site.

The Arts Expressed will also house Jessa Lyn Photography and Jadan Advertising & Design. Jessa Lyn Photography specializes in marketing, musicians, artist promotion, engagements, weddings and graduations, while Jadan Advertising & Design excels in logo design, artist/musician promotion & design, and posters.

We are excited to be launching in the Monticello area and look forward to an exciting year. For more information on classes, lessons, schedules, hours, location, and other questions, please contact us via or call 763-262-2607. Please share this website information and help us get the word out!