*NEW TEACHING SERIES: Discover the Gifts in You*

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the arts expressed is called to equip this generation in their Christ-centered identity and discovery of their God-given gifts for impacting the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Our new teaching series is available as three dynamic and colorful children’s books, plus our family’s adoption story. The books can be purchased individually or in sets. Their contents are also available as an instructional series online or on site for churches, schools, workshops, conferences, and seminars. This exciting series will encourage children, parents, families, and people of all ages.

I Am A Good Idea!
I am a good idea because I am God’s idea.
I have been created by my Heavenly Father with unique gifts, interests and talents.
The gifts in me are to be identified, equipped, and released for Kingdom purposes to use throughout my entire life.

The Little Ugly House: Learning To Shine From Within
My Heavenly Father loves me because He created me.
His love and acceptance empowers me to love and accept myself and others.
The Holy Spirit transforms me on the inside to shine beautifully with the love of my Heaven Father.

Hidden Treasure, Kingdom Jewels and Me!
The Kingdom of Heaven is an exciting adventure to be experienced in this life.
Jesus is the key to discovering an amazing treasure of Kingdom identity.
The journey of ‘Christ in me’ is like searching for a treasure of priceless jewels.

The Journey of Adoption
Our family’s adoption story reveals the infinite lengths our Heavenly Father will go to place His precious children in families.
The Body of Christ is called to proclaim our Heavenly Father’s Divine plan of adoption and restoration to individuals, families and communities.
Every generation must be equipped to carry the Father’s heart for the fatherless children, becoming His hands and feet on Earth.

To enroll in classes or to bring this ministry to you contact us at: support@TheArtsExpressed.com or call us at 763-262-2607.