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Sound & Healing Therapy Three CDs Christmas Special!

I want to get my most recent Sound & Healing Therapy CDs out into the atmospheres of

1) prayer groups and intercessors;
2) those who desire to encounter the Healer - body, mind, soul, and spirit;
3) and those who desire to bless others with the gift of spontaneously recorded Holy Spirit led instrumental music in A444 Hz tuning!

This  CD Christmas Special runs through December 24, 2018. Choose any three CDs from the Latest Products on the left sidebar of this website, click this icon - Sound Expressions (renewing the body through sound) Three CD Christmas Special - make your purchase with Paypal, and then send me an email indicating your three specific CD Title choices. Three CDs for $30 plus $4.00 shipping total. That's an approximate savings of $12.00 on both the CDs and  shipping!

Don't miss out on this Christmas Special opportunity to give family, friends, the pray-ers/intercessors in your life, or yourself the gift of Sound Expressions Sound & Healing Therapy music TODAY!

Price: $30.00

Shipping: $4.00

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